Yahoo Hack

Back in late 2013/early 2014, when Candy Crush became the mobile gaming addiction of the world, Yahoo informed the news media that it had just encountered its biggest hack.

Emails and passwords for nearly 500 million accounts were stolen and left in the hands of some very bad, no good hombrés.

Many accusations began flying around the idea that a fairly large amount of Yahoo staff were aware of the breach prior to its announcement, but just kind of let it happen.

Eventually, however, Yahoo staffers began notifying its email users to login and change their passwords as soon as possible in order to negate any further privacy harm.

That ain’t the end of it!

Cut to December of 2016, just under a year ago, Yahoo disclosed to the public that after some further investigation, the number of users affected was actually closer to one billion.

Yeah with a ‘B’

That’s about 1 third of their registered users.

Still not the end of it…

Well to add a rotting cherry to the shtcake of a situation, in the wake of Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, more information has surfaced yet again, showing signs that…well, every fcking count was hacked and stolen by cyber criminals.

Yup. All of them.

I you have a Yahoo account, it is no longer a matter of “change your passwords to be safe,” it is now “change your password, because your online identity has been stolen.”

“The investigation indicates that user account information that was stolen did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information. The company is continuing to work closely with law enforcement.”

Uh huh. Okay

Though no crucial information has been stolen, the digital criminal world can do quite a lot with just an email and password; including finding a back-end entrance into your baking info.

Give it a until the end of the year. Yahoo/Verizon will end up releasing a statement that all crucial data was stolen from this same hack; because fuck thoroughly investigating.

Also, the CEO in charge during this whole thing, Marissa Mayer; yeah, she left the company with a very fat $260 million paycheck and not a legal sentencing like we would all hoped she would.

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