Zenoblade Chronicles X

So we already know that western localization teams have their work cut out when it comes to games developed in Japan. We need only look at the recent controversy with Fatal Frame to see this.

Some believe it to be censorship while others think that it’s simply done in good taste. The Fatal Frame discussion, which was a raging inferno a few days ago, has burned down to a few flickering embers with most people having made their choice to either support or boycott the game. It is, however, time to raise the flame shield again as those embers are going to ignite into some burning hot controversy once again.

News has recently come to light that Nintendo is at it again, and this time the holy Xenoblade series is falling to the censor’s shears. So what is that they are cutting? Graphic depictions of violence? Some pseudo-religious overtones!? *Gasp*Sex scenes!?!? Nope, a thirteen year old in a bikini.

Yes, this is what people are up in arms about – a minor that has been given more appropriate and less sexed up clothing. With Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water I could understand, those characters were all the appropriate age for the clothing that was shown; perhaps a haunted mountain is not the best place for a revealing swimsuit, but that is a discussion for another time.

The thirteen year old in question is Lin, a young girl with black hair done in a sort of bobcut style. Cute? She certainly has a little sister type vibe that makes you want to protect her, for sure. Sexy? Well, I’ll be frank and say that the only situation where this character should appeal to you in a sexual manner is if you are a person that is somewhere reasonably close to her age group.

It’s not that I’m a prude or anything, I just inwardly cringe seeing such a young girl designed to look so flagrantly sexual.

Now, I know that it would be unreasonable to demand such things, so I am totally willing to come to a compromise. If you want this, I won’t judge you, but at least have it as an unlockable costume, or at the very least bump her age up to 18 or something. Some of us want to be able to play Xenoblade Chronicles X without having to drag our Wii U to a private bedroom like some sort of porn Goblin.

So what do you think? Is providing Lin with more coverings an act rooted in censorship, or is it just in good taste? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Fuck people are stupid, this is child pornography:


    In other words it’s a picture that leads to a child being abused. The picture in itself can be seen as child abuse as the picture might be used as extortion or in other ways hunt the child in the future. Game characters are not real children but are for some weird reason are still being put together whit this ting.

    And this is why:


    An idiotic law in America that includes any cartoon picture that might look like a young girl of any kind as child pornography. In other words we’re spending a shit load of money on censoring games instead of spending a shit load of money on fighting actual child abuse of actual children. In other words something like this could be considered child pornography:


    Therefore every game, every manga, every cartoon or whatever everywhere has to be censored (guess Europe just tagging along on this law whiteout knowing why). And yeah, some games just make girls whit really big boobs to come around this problem I guess (DoA, Tomb raider etc.). So there you have it. This is why every game has to suffer from this kind of bullshit.

    Pretty stupid if you ask me.

  2. WoW! your mindset about that is like the usual moral-f@gs that keep on bashing Japanese games & Japan in general about their tastes & culture, what I have to say is keep on preaching Sarkesian-wannabe.

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