Before the internet blows up, targeting my parents, questioning my intelligence or otherwise, hear me out.

I have been a proud Xbox fan boy since day one. The original Xbox became a household piece, as did its successor, the Xbox 360. They built up a big part of my childhood, and for that reason, I openly welcomed changes for the Xbox One.

What changes? The Xbox One brought the Kinect (meh). It also brought constant online connection (absolutely no). It also was trying to force no disc, but everything downloaded (not yet, please). It made a lot of wrong turns at E3, including an expensive price point. Regardless, we loyal fanboys shouldered on, expecting greatness. (And yes, some of these changes did, well, change.)

What we got? A mixed bag.

Console sales – Let us not pretend that the Xbox One is being outsold. Badly. The Xbox One is being beaten by the PS4 almost 3 to 1. The console isn’t flying off the shelves, and multiple price drops aren’t helping it. This is a more evident reason as to why it is losing the ‘console war’ rather than an opinion. So many factors play into this, whether it be the kinect, pricing, Xbox Live, games, etc. Microsoft is just not catching up in sales.

Games – Where the Hell are the games? Seriously? Microsoft has been lacking in bringing in quality IPs. Sure, we have Halo 5, but it was half baked. The multiplayer is pretty great. The story? Not so much. It also took away some great features we took for granted. We will receive Gears of War 4 in the future(but cannot count it at this time). Forza Motorsport 5 and 6 is holding down the fort, but lets be completely honest, racing titles are not console sellers. Quantum Break has received uneven reviews, despite its intention to be ‘innovative’. What gives? Tomb Raider being a timed exclusive is just not enough.

Tech – Microsoft is starting to become Apple in terms of console/hardware (Shots fired). They are falling behind, as the Playstation becomes better and better (the PS4K will greatly overpower it, even more so than the PS4). What does this mean? Greater room to play with for development teams. Bigger worlds to create. The Xbox One is meeting limitations, as so many games are powered down below 1080p and 60 FPS. These things seem inconsequential to majority, but some people who buy consoles want the power. It creates better opportunities.

Nose In The Wrong Place – Microsoft has some good intentions with creating a gaming console. They want to make it the center of your house, as a media center, media player and a gaming machine. That’s fine, but sometimes the focus is too keen on media content. The Xbox One is in a console race with Sony and Nintendo, who are worried about bringing out content specific for gamers. If someone was worried about catching up on Hulu, while watching Netflix, they could go get a Roku for far less money (cheapest Roku can be had for about $35 USD). Games should always come first. Not the Kinect, and its gimmicks. Not multiple interfaces. Games.


In the end, there isn’t really a console war. The console war drives up sales, a competition that exists merely at store fronts or between nerds on forums. That being said, if there is one, a war, Microsoft is quickly falling behind.


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