Recently an elderly woman was spotted worshipping a statue of League of Legends character Garen. Placed outside an internet café, the statue seems to be a promotional piece for the popular online game, which is commonly played inside the café.

The lady was seen burning incense and kneeling to pray in front of the giant fighter. The scene was captured from the inside of the internet café, and images were posted on Weibo, a Chinese social-networking site.

League of Legends


Although some people expressed amusement at this woman’s actions, others expressed sympathy. Some have claimed that she should be spared ridicule, as it may have been an honest mistake. What does it matter who she prays to, as long as she receives the comfort she’s searching for?

But, then again, why did this elderly woman choose to pray to an online gaming character? Shanghaiist suggests that it may be because Garen resembles an old Chinese general, Lord Guan. This historical figure was turned into a God and it is not uncommon for him to be worshipped, especially through shrines.

Or, on the other hand, she was just a big fan of League of Legends. Who knows?

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