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Back in December of 2015 Telltale released a trailer for their new project Batman. This instantly got gamers interested as it has one of the hottest developers at the moment working on one of the biggest names in comics, film, and videogames.

Even though this sounds like an amazing concept some people are skeptical that these 2 powerhouses won’t match up. So I’m here to lay out some things that you can most likely expect from Telltale’s Batman coming sometime during this year.

More Insight Into Bruce Wayne

Telltale has already announced that this game will follow both Batman and Bruce Wayne. This is something that hasn’t really been explored much, even in the films. Bruce is shown in some of the films, but these representations haven’t given us a full feel for the real difference between Bruce and Batman.

As we already know from other games Telltale has made (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Back To The Future) that they are masters of going into detail and providing excellent insight into their characters and their stories, so definitely expect Bruce Wayne to get the justice he deserves.

Less Action, More Story

Telltale’s games are definitely up there with having some of the best story telling, so, with this game being announced, it is almost guaranteed that the same quality will be seen from this IP.

Understandably, this news may disappoint some as it will most likely be less focused on the action aspect of the Batman universe, saying that, it doesn’t mean there will be absolutely no action. Telltale does know how to include action into their storytelling, but if you are coming off of the Arkham games this game may fall a bit flat in terms of beat-em-up action (but make up for it with it’s action themed thriller narrative).

A Very In-Depth Look At The Dark Knight

Due to Telltale’s decision-making mechanic, you will have the freedom of playing as and seeing a different Batman than what you might’ve seen before.

For example, if you are interrogating someone for a crime or to get a lead on a villain on the loose, you may choose to be brutal and get the information quick (but face consequences later on) or you can be witty and get the information out of them mentally, which, in typical Telltale fashion, will also have its own set of consequences.

A More Methodical ‘Big Bad’

Telltale often has you thinking a lot about the consequences of your decisions, something that has helped Telltale distinguish itself from most mainstream devs. With that being said, I would bet that the final boss for this game will not be a big and brooding boss, but more of a villain that will have you and Batsy think deeply about how to defeat.

I can also see the main antagonist being very slippery and having you and Batman running around for them for a few episodes. Likely candidates would be The Riddler, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange (as he knows Batman’s identity), The Joker (unlikely due to Suicide Squad film releasing) and (my favorite nominee) Ra’s Al Ghul as he can both mentally and physically compete with the Batman.

Plus, with an army of ninjas at his disposal it can play a big part in the story.

With the lack of information surrounding this game, there are a few aspects of Batman that you should expect to see coming out this year. Here are a few others with not as much detail;

  • Character Attachment
  • Amazing Story-Telling
  • Comic styled visuals
  • Possible look into murder of Batman’s Parents murderer
  • Adult Themes (sex, drugs, violence, gang activities etc)

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