In case you missed it, Batman v Superman disappointed a lot of people. The film was not the financial success Warner Bros had dreamed of. The film’s critical standing? Perhaps even worse. This has caused quite a few course corrections by the film studio, hoping to find the massive gold pot that Marvel continues to find with their films. The latest change to the universe? Appointing Geoff Johns as the co-head of the DC Film Universe.

Geoff Johns is also currently one of the overseers for the DC comics universe. His work is outstanding, roping in the universe’s large wealth of heroes into a successful story in DC’s Justice League – The New 52. His work has spread into success with characters like Green Lantern, The Flash and even Batman/Superman. This move by WB was a deliberate shot at stopping the studio’s massive bleeding. Will it pan out? Only time will tell.

Johns will begin work immediately, starting with producing Snyder’s upcoming epic, Justice League. Not only that, Johns has begun working with Batman actor, Ben Affleck to write/produce and direct the upcoming Batman standalone film.

The final news speculation for the day is that DC/WB is still working on David Ayer’s film, Suicide Squad. Apparently the final act needs some ‘smoothing’ over. Whatever this entails is completely unknown. That being said, they brought in Johns to oversee everything, helping in re-writes and scene set ups. Suicide Squad’s release date remains the same (August).

Clearly, DC/WB believes in Geoff Johns.

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