Blizzard has created so many different games; each with such a rich history and lore to them. They have huge worlds added into each one of their franchises, and the video game medium can only give players so much.

In order to give the fans more of what they love, Blizzard Entertainment has partnered up with the publishing company Random House in the hope of bringing their games to the physical medium.

No, that does not mean they will be creating real-life amusement parks like Ubisoft and Nintendo. Instead, Blizzard and Random House are planning on creating a series of books that will be revolving around specific characters from each of their franchises.

Their first two entries into the book world will come in 2016 in the form of two books: World of Warcraft: Illidan by William King and StarCraft by Timothy Zahn. If the two novels do well, then Blizzard will take that as a sign to follow the series by adding Diablo into the mix. Who knows, maybe they’ll even create a prequel series of books for their unreleased game, Overwatch.

I really hope that this new endeavor goes well for Blizzard as it may give video game creators everywhere the okay they need in order bring some of their IPs into the paperback world (lord knows how badly I want a series of Dark Souls novels).

2K brought their popular IP Bioshock to the paperback world back in 2011 and 2013 with Bioshock: Rapture and Bioshock Infinite: Mind in Revolt, but we need more. Video games can only give gamers so much.


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