The talented blacksmithing fellas over at Baltimore Knife & Sword and the Sword and the Stone have generated quite the following on YouTube for creating some of the Geek World’s most famous weapons such as Link’s Master Sword (and Fierce Deity Sword & Hylian Shield), Batman’s Batarangs, Cloud’s Buster Sword, and Wolverine’s Claws.

Their most recent video will come to the delight of Witcher 3 fans everywhere for they have created the very Serpentine Steel and Silver Swords wielded by Geralt of Rivia (I will include the video below for this specific build below).

Understandably, looking at the finished product would suffice the average viewer, but there is much more to this channel than just great looking fantasy weapons. The actual building of the weapon is what causes people to keep coming back. I don’t know what it is about the sound of banging and sanding metal, but I, personally, find it very soothing and almost therapeutic. Also the fire and sparks flying everywhere looks oh so very mesmerizing.

The cast of Man at Arms: Reforged (formerly known as Man at Arms), also have a contribution when it comes to why viewers keeping coming back. Although some of the language they use is rather technical, for the most part they stick to using common language as to not scare off and confuse the common viewer.

The friendly personalities of the cast also help. Even though we don’t to see that much about their camaraderie, it’s probably for the best. We have enough ‘reality’ TV drama already, why would we spoil such a humble show with over-coverage?

Along with creating fan favorite weaponry, the blacksmiths over at Baltimore Knife & Sword create mash-ups of their favorite weapons. These mashup weapons include: Batman Style Wolverine Claws, Ninja Star Captain America Shields, and Iron Man Style Sword (all pictured below Wither 3 Weapon Build video).

These guys have a YouTube page that is definitely worth checking out, and I will provide the link to their YouTube page here.

Now as promised, here is their latest build:


And here are those awesome mashup weapons I was talking about (link to video below image)

Iron Man Style Sword

Iron Man’s Sword

Batman Style Wolverine Claws


Batman’s Wolverine Claws

Ninja Star Cap Shields


Captain America’s Throwing Shields

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