The Walking Dead

After watching The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Finale; I am left amazed, befuddled, and… Extremely frustrated.

Negan has been teased throughout the second half of this entire season, dangling the possibility of his skull-smashing introduction like a giblet on a string. There have been so many cop outs when it comes to character deaths this season, I was excited for this episode because I thought “Wow, cool, The Walking Dead is finally starting to take risks!”

I was wrong.. So so wrong..

Now before you keep reading on, I have to put up a warning.


Still here?

Okay, good.

Instead of making a huge impact with killing off an important character, the writers of the show thought it would be a great idea to insult us by leaving us hanging and disappointed. There has been so much building up towards this singular moment in the series, and I feel like we’ve been cheated of an incredible and jaw-dropping moment that could have literally changed the series.

After this, it’s really hard to take this show seriously anymore, especially after this stunt. The moment of controversy takes place when we take the perspective of Negan’s victim, after a sick game of eeny-meeny-miney-moe we are left with a blood splattered screen, and the disgusting sounds of the victim’s brain being crushed. This moment would have had ten times the impact if we actually saw who was on the receiving end of Lucille, leaving us with a stomach full of knots instead of a having a sour taste in our mouths.

I don’t know if the writers (and Kirkman) used this cop-out as an excuse to figure out who they’re going to kill off for the Season 7 premiere after listening to the many fans’ reactions, or if they made this decision just to screw with us even more. For shame.

Also, didn’t really care much about the Carol/Morgan side story, which is a shame because I’ve become an avid fan of Carol’s story arch for the past two seasons. Seeing Carol tormented by gunshot wounds at the hands of a random-Savior-nobody didn’t really shock me as I thought it would. Morgan coming to the rescue and him several times didn’t really do it for me either, even though I understand that should be a big deal because Morgan has been letting us know over the course of this season that he simply “doesn’t kill”.

Now let’s get to the golden nuggets of this episode.

After many teases, rumors, and Savior run-ins; we finally get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal as the infamous Negan, and he is a powerhouse. I really liked his vibe, his mannerisms, his sly toothy smile, you could definitely feel the sinister aura he was manifesting in the last ten minutes of the episode. I definitely don’t feel like his portrayal is a straight out of the comic book representation (even though his dialogue is, minus the many f-bombs), but I feel like he really made it work, he owned the character, he became Negan in those final moments of the finale.

Also, the lead up to his arrival was freaking intense, and the whistling signals echoing throughout the dark woods was terrifying. Seeing Rick shaken and pale with fear… Was awesome.

It really does look like Rick’s group are “Neck-deep up s**t creek with their mouths wide open.”

After hitting roadblock after roadblock, our favorite band of survivors have landed themselves in the most dangerous situation they have ever been in since the arrival of the Governor. Even with Negan’s triumphant and terrifying introduction, we were left with a slap to the face cop-out ending. Now we have to wait six months until we see who shared a kiss of death with Lucille.


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