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We are pleased to report that the Interactive Media Agreement Strike Authorization Referendum was a resounding success with 96.52% of members voting in favor of the referendum.

With this result in hand, the Negotiating Committee will seek to return to the bargaining table and continue to press for a fair resolution on behalf of performers working in video games. The Interactive Media Agreement expired on December 31, 2014. Bargaining sessions held in February and June of this year failed to produce an agreement.

The guild for video game voice actors has, for quite some time, sought to bring better pay for their members. SAG-AFTRA, the guild that represents many video game voice actors, has announced that if their terms are not met by the next bargaining session they will refuse to work with any of their contracted video game developing companies.

What they are hoping to achieve is, “fair resolution on behalf of performers working in video games.” Much like what was achieved many years ago for movie, television, and commercial actors, the guild is attempting to authorize a stipulation that would allow video game voice actors to earn bonuses for video games they worked on that have sold over 2 million copies (subsequent payments when sales reach 4 million, 6 million, and 8 million).

Some of the companies involved in this future negotiation include EA, Activision, Disney, Warner Bros, and many other top ranking devs, so a strike from the guild that provides them with so many skilled voice actors might take a big toll on the quality of their titles. Or you know…they could just hire non-guild members…

This strike has garnered tons of support via the movements official Twitter hashtags (#iAmOnBoard2015 and #PerformanceMatters).


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