Last week we reported that Karl Urban, the actor behind the helmet for Dredd (playing Judge Dredd) wanted to come back for another film. Unfortunately, despite the film reaching cult status, and receiving rave reviews, it was financially weak at the box office. The actor expressed his interest for one of the streaming services (Amazon or Netflix, he specified) to try a shot at the film.

Well, talks are now ongoing!

Yes, that’s right. The actor reported at a Saturday Entertainment Expo that the series was being considered, and being talked about by one of the streaming services he mentioned. What streaming service? He didn’t go into detail, but one can more than likely guess that this would fit into Netflix’s forte.

He had this also to say about the movie/tv possibility:

“Maybe we get The Rock in and fucking save the franchise,” he said, “because The Rock fucking saves everybody’s franchise.”


We will keep you posted with more as it develops


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