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Ubisoft’s ever changing and slightly declining Rainbow Six series has hit another issue, this time, Rainbow Six Siege will feature micro transactions or what developers are calling ‘Rainbow Credits’.

The news came on quite of a whim, actually. Famous reviewer and YouTuber, Joe Vargas, better known as Angry Joe was engaged in a one on one with Rainbow Six: Siege’s Animation Director, Scott Mitchell. Mitchell, slipped the micro transaction in an apparent gaffe to Angry Joe. When asked for more information regarding the micro transaction, Mitchell stated that he could not give away information yet.

This comes after some proper grilling from the YouTuber regarding the cost of the game. Siege will ship with three different iterations, a standard version at $59.99, a Gold Edition for $89.99 and finally a collector’s edition for $149.99. This made worse by the fact the game will ship with no single player mode or story campaign. The game will feature free map DLC, something Joe went on to praise the developer for featuring. The developer was not able to go into detail in regards to what the season pack (included in the $89.99 and $149.99 versions) would entail and why it would be needed with free DLC.


Angry Joe, fan or not, has always been aggressive in his interviews. A quality, much like himself, that you either love or hate. However, in this case, his ability to pry information from developers might prove to be a huge advantage for the gaming community. Especially when Ubisoft is touting a full game but is not including a campaign or single player. Now, we as the gaming community, anxiously await the rebuttal from Ubisoft regarding this issue. One that is sure to rile up the gaming community.

So, are you guys going to pick up Rainbow Six Siege? Is this an issue that may make you skip the title all together? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. AngryJoe “pried” the fact that R6 has Microtransactions out of a developer? LOL

    You would think by this point a seasoned and vetern gamer would know well enough that most AAA games will feature microtransactions, premium DLC or both.

    BTW Angry Joe — No on is holding a gun to your head to buy this optional content.

    • Are you really thay much of an idiot? And am not talking about you like Joe or not, I don’t really care about that, but microtransactions should just be accepted cause it happens more and more?

      You are exactly the type of person that helps ruining this industry! NO 60 dollar game should feature microtransactions PERIOD

      I bet you are also fine with Battlefront having a 50 dollar season pass where we dont even know what we get all the while, the game has barebone content

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