So if you’re not caught up with all the hubbub surrounding the Washington Posts’ controversial “review” of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, then my question to you is, “are you living beneath the rubble of a rundown clothing factory in a third world country?” If you answered “yes” to that oddly specific question, then…well, I really don’t know what to say. Why and how are you on this website, reading a “trying too hard to be witty” authors’ opinion piece on a controversy regarding a video game? Go out and get help! But if you answered “no,” then I’m surprised you haven’t, seeing how every gamer everywhere can hear the pines, groans, moans, and whines of diehard Sony fans across the globe, pleading for this outcry to be resolved. And I don’t blame them, to be honest; rather, I’ve chosen to jump on the bandwagon. Not only because I absolutely adore the Uncharted series, and have loved Naughty Dog since the Jak & Daxter series; but because having that review removed from Metacritic is the right thing to do.


Now I want to give my thoughts on the situation first before I talk about Troy Baker and him signing the petition to remove this review. So if you want to read that, just skip this section. To quickly recap, if you go over to UC4’s Metacritic page, you’ll see that the game stands at a very good 93/100. Now although that score is great, it was a 94/100 a mere week ago. What dropped it was the only negative review posted by the Washington Post, who gave the game a 40/100. Now, you may think that a single digit drop in an aggregated score doesn’t matter, which may be true, but here’sUncharted+4+10-ed why it does. Firstly, this was the second review the website posted for the game; the first gave the game a 4/4, which equates to a 100% obviously. The second, the review in question, was posted under the “comic riffs” section of the site; clearly stating that this was meant to be a work of satire; nullifying it’s validity as an official review. Furthermore, this review didn’t even have a score attached to it, so where Metacritic found that 40/100 is beyond me. So why would Metacritic put this review, which is clearly satire, on their website, and not only that, but give it a random score? That alone gives this petition that was created by a fan from Greece; which as of writing has over 5,000 signatures, a strong reason to exist. But even if this was a legitimate review; I clearly don’t believe that it has a right to be on such a critical website such as Metacritic. Listen, I’m all for freedom of speech and that people have a right to their own opinion, but come on now, really? Over 90 critics have given this game positive reviews, with the majority being in the 90s and even perfect 100s. No “mixed” score in site, and you give this game a 40/100? Come on, now. I don’t care if you didn’t like X, Y, or Z; or if this is the polar opposite of the type of games you enjoy. As a professional critic, a role in which you make a living reviewing and analyzing video games objectively; you simply cannot possibly deny the technical and narrative feat that Unharted 4 has accomplished. I’m not a diehard fan, and nor do I think that this game is even near perfect, but my God is it a spectacle to experience. Doing something like this is clearly a means to attract views and nothing else. Which is such a selfish thing to do, as you, a writer of the f@#king Washington Post, a site that holds more weight in the Metacritic scoring system than others, are responsible for bringing down the score of quite simply, one of the best games in our generation. Again, it seems funny to think that a 93 compared to a 94 is a big deal, when frankly, it isn’t. But it’s about the principle. Naughty Dog deserve the praise they’re receiving, and the accolades they will most certainly receive in the coming months. And so to go to “Best PS4 Games of All Time” in Metacritics’ tab and see UC4 not on the top 5, simply for one review, is sort of unfair. Again, I know they’ll make their money back and then some, and the game will hold up perfectly fine. But that one damn, undeserving, red slither that you see when you’ll open up Metacritic’s UC4 page, simply taints it from the legacy it deserves in gaming history. Overdramatic much? Yes, but I think it’s valid. Okay, enough with the rant, on to the actual topic!


So after this petition to remove the review popped up, it has garnered quite the attention of fans and professionals alike. After it’s 1000 signature milestone, which has now been well surpassed, a very well-known face both signed and shared it on his Twitter account. Troy Baker, the omnipresent video game voice actor who voices protagonist Nathan Drake’s brother Sam in Uncharted 4 tweeted the following:


Obviously the author of the petition was more than happy that his petition had reached the likes of Baker, posting the following on the petitions’ official page:



However, it does seem like Troy Baker may have received some flak from fans and colleagues regarding his post, as only a mere hour later he posted the following on his Twitter:


Now it’s unknown what this long post is in regards to, as he never mentions the petition directly. But the last couple sentences, which read:

Simply put, I’m human and I screw up. I act rashly and hastily. Games like Uncharted, The Last of Us and many others stand well on their own. They don’t need me battling windmills in their honor”

Does hint at maybe him feeling a sense of regret posting that petition on his Twitter. Now, personally I go both ways in regards to his actions. On one hand, I completely understand his gut reaction to the review and instant need to go forth in doing whatever he can to spread that petition. I completely understand that when you’re invested so deeply in a project for years, you want so badly for it to succeed. And when something comes in the way of its full potential, you want to do everything to make things right. But at the same time, you have to judge your position and see how your actions look in the broad scheme of things. Being a person like Troy Baker, and not only signing, but sharing a petition like this, doesn’t exactly make you come across as the most professional actor. Not to take anything away from the importance of the petition, but it’s that hard thing to assess of, “How does this make both me, and the company(s) look? And do I really need to do this.” Sometimes I want to say f#ck professionalism, but that’s me, I’m a nobody. Well, actually, that’s not true, I’m actually pretty important, but that’s beside the point. I’m sure fans of the series are thrilled that he shared the link to the petition, and I’m assuming signed it himself; but as he himself said, “They don’t need me battling windmills in their honor”

What are your guys’ thoughts on this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Troy Baker is an idiot…PERIOD!

    Let your voice acting speak itself and shut up. He just adds fuel to Sony’s ignorant fanbase who are now threatening the reviewer just like they did to the voice actress of Rise Of the Tomb Raider.

    It is funny how limited the sony fans are when it comes to basic research (based on YOUR comments). The Washintong Post does not publish scores because fanboys just go by the title and score without reading it. However, a ps4 fanboy Paul Tassi from Forbes asked Thomsen and he clearly stated that he provided metacritic with the 4/10 score. END OF ARGUMENT.

    I believe that people who read Thomsen’s review of U4 really did not get anything worth from it, but it also applies to the Gamespot review (10 hehhe) that was a poem to U4 more than anything and nothing substantial (should he remove his score from metacritic as well?).

      • Lol…do you even know what you are talking about? if you do please enlighten me with your deep and insightful thinking behind your comment (Otherwise, guess what does that make you? PERIOD!) However, I suspect that you are not capable of producing anything that shows the least understanding behind your empty words.

        Unless, of course you are one of those who signed the petition and took the word ‘idiot’ too personal 🙂

        • Hehe I haven’t signed any petition but I would if it involves you getting educated.

          First of all, yes, I do know what I’m talking about as opposed to you. When calling someone names, there’s an absolute reason for it. If not, then what’s the point? You fail to explain why you’re calling Troy Baker an idiot.

          Second, if there’s nothing good that comes out of your mouth then it’s best to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Otherwise, you’ll just embarass yourself.

          So yeah! Calling people names for whatever reasons makes you the idiot…PERIOD!

          • What do you know? Clearly you are the one who needs an education here. What about you start with READING COMPREHENSION (Gathering from your comment I doubt that you will succeed there) …:)

            First, I was not arguing with Baker directly. I called him an idiot based on his tweet and my comment still stands. What he tweeted was idiotic from whatever point of view you want to see it. The main one is BUSINESS, he is part of the Naughty Dog staff for Uncharted 4. By asking to have a negative review to be removed makes him come out as an ignorant who does not understand that not everyone will enjoy your work therefore calling him an idiot is well deserved.

            Second, the next time you try to argue something at least try to understand what you are talking about, not just childish talk.

            ………,”Second, if there’s nothing good that comes out of your mouth then it’s best to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Otherwise, you’ll just embarass yourself”…….

            I typically do not like to quote sentences, but your second point is something to laugh at for many reasons. And you’re telling me that you did not sign the petition to remove the review of the WP? Lol

            Now, your closing statement is almost funny as your second point as you have not provided anything to validate what you are trying to say there.

            So, I would suggest that if you lack the basic reading comprehension skill then FOLLOW your second point because you are really looking pretty much like Troy Baker’s tweet…hehe

          • Speaking if illiteracy, I specifically said:
            Calling someone names makes you the idiot!

            If you have to justify what that phrase meant, then you just have to check the dictionnary, look for the word “idiot” and your picture might be next to it.

          • So, definitely Reading Conprehension is beyond your reach 😉 What else can I say if you cannot understand your own phrases, guess what that makes you? No wonder why ypu took the word idiot so personal… Hehehe

            In the case of Troy Baker, my comment still stands. I do not need to justify anything because he exposed himself to that with his ridiculous tweet….just like you are doing here.

            And no, I do not call anybody who I argue with names or unsubstatiated insults. That maybe yout logic but not mine. I just point out the obvious, but again that is beyond your reach.

          • Oh man! I guess I am partly to blame on this pointless conversation but I wanted to see to what extent your logic can degrade pathetically. No need to justify your behaviour; action speaks louder than words.

            Calling someone names for whatever reasons makes you the idiot.

            That’s it! It’s not even an argument. It’s certainly not an offense to you personally. It’s a comment! The way you reacted, based on your sad attempt of “justifying” your “comment”, shows that you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

            Why call someone an idiot if you don’t even want to be called an idiot yourself? It takes one to know one, I guess…

          • So am i to blame for your lack of reading comprehension?..hehehehe

            You throw in words without thinking about what you are talking about to the point of looking very childish. At this point you have not explain the ‘logic’ behind your pointless comments so I can pretty much see why you related yourself to the word ‘idiot’ very easily. :)~

            Basically it takes Comments like yours to know one…lol

          • Again, you’re deliberately showing yourself to be the one word you seem to be so fond of: idiot.

            So far you haven’t made any intelligent point to make any sense of what you’re actually saying. Why are you being so defensive? All I wrote was: “Calling someone names for whatever reason makes you the idiot.”

            You just keep proving me right everytime you reply… smh

          • Actually, you are making it easy for me to put you in that cathegory since you cannot provide anything of value to the conversation 🙂

            If you CANNOT READ, how do you expect to understand your own words? Why would i be defensive of your poorly written comments? It is clear that your skull is so thick that no basic logic can come in or out for that matter…hehe

          • If you’re not being defensive, what’s with all the replies? Where is this conversation you’re talking about? You’re telling me I can’t read when you clearly can’t understand a simple phrase!

            I’m not making it easy for you, you’re making it easy for me!

          • In my second reply I tried to help you, but it is clear by now that you cannot comprehend what you read, so do NOT blame me for it….hihi

            If you want to debate a point I am perfectly open to it, but if you want to play with semantics of words that clearly define your personality then I just let you expose yourself. That is why you are making it easy for me 🙂

          • You can’t even answer all my simple questions. You’re STILL playing defensive and what did I even blame you for? And you’re telling me I don’t know how to read? Bwahahahaha

          • I already pointed out exactly what I said and why. That is why I can see your lack reading comprehension at the basic level. 🙂

            Can you point out what your simple questions are? Unless of course you are confusing illogical statements with Simple questions…lol

          • Wow! Sure, I’ll reiterate, hopefully this time, you’ll actually read it. Oh and don’t confuse yourself with “illogical statements” because it’s very simple, like I said.

            1) If you’re not being defensive, what’s with all the replies?
            2) Where is this conversation you’re talking about?
            3) Since you’re obviously on defensive mode, what did I blame you for?

            I’ll remind you that this all started with a “simple” phrase:
            Calling someone names for whatever reasons makes you the idiot… PERIOD!

          • The difference between you and I, is that I have a reason behind my comments, while you just throw in whatever comes to your mind without even trying to think or READ in this case. 🙂

            You are so fixated in your phrase that would be valid if it had a reason behind it, but it is empty in this case and flankly is semantics material..hehe. The problem is that You are clearly uncapable of backing it up or you simply do not understand it.

            Now, if you do not want a reply then you need to follow your point 2 in one of your replies. That is why I can easily associate you with the ignorant Baker’s tweet, and I am sure that you do too that is why you took it personal…:)

          • Hehe… You didn’t even answer one simple question! Or maybe you can’t. Pathetic! You just proved me right once again…

            My comment still stands just as much as yours, which I’m obliged to repeat:
            Calling someone names for whatever reasons makes you the idiot!

            ^_^ nothing personal…

          • I see, you need kinder garden guidance. No wonder how poorly formulated your comments are

            Next, you will ask me why A comes before B. Again, if you cannot read something simple then follow your point 2…:)

          • Nah! You can’t even answer simple questions so why even bother asking. All you’ve done is avoid them…

  2. […] die unrechtmäßige Zuzählung des Washington-Post-Artikels rückgängig zu machen. Selbst ein beteiligter Sprecher der Produktion – Troy Baker – gab seine Unterschrift unter diese Forderung, was ihn nachträglich bereits zu einer offiziellen Entschuldigung zwang. […]

  3. Sony fanboys hit a new low with this. Uncharted 4 is a great game I would score it a 8.25 easily. Which is a good score but the game has a lot of short comings #1 it’s nothing new and it feels like at least 20 other games I played before. I think Tomb raider beats it hands down but I would give that game only a 9.00 !!

        • Hmmm. Never dog l said I wanted it removed, but okay.

          1. It was originally published without a score. As are all official WP reviews. Go check their site and see. Adding a score afterward is a no-go.

          2. The guy who wrote it doesn’t actually work for WP. He’s a freelancer, meaning not part of the staff, meaning it’s a little odd- to me, at least- that his opinion would be treated as that of the publication.

          3. The quality of the review is nonexistent. Full of spoilers and almost nothing about the game beyond that. No mention of the gameplay, nothing about the graphics other than they’re pointlessly good (which is a stupid complaint).

          4. The author lets on almost from the start that he hates the franchise. That makes him among the least qualified people to review the game.

          Enough reasons for you?

          • WP reviews never include a score, and they do it so the reader do not just focus on the title and the ‘number’. However, Thomsen already clarified to Forbes journalist Paul Tassi ( a big ps4 fanboy by the way) that 4/10 was in fact the score he summitted to Metacritic.

            I do not believe that your points 2, 3 and 4 are really a valid reason to remove the review because Even as freelancer, Thomsen still represented the WP for this particular review. I agree though that in this case he was biased from the start and the review did not really offer anything of value for a person who wanted to research more on this game…. but again this is just subjective. I read the Gamestop U4 review and is equally as bad as the WP exept that they gave a positive review and a perfect score.

            Regardless of this 4/10 score, the metacritic number will not change by much. That is the reason why I find this twitter petition by Troy Baker to be very dumb. But i am glad that he recognized it.

  4. @Shaz Moshin

    What the heck is UE4?

    This situation isn’t overly complicated. MetaCritic holds itself up as a source for aggregate review scores. If they wish to maintain credibility they will not include “satire” reviews in their aggregation. The fact that it was included is worrisome because MetaCritic has established itself as a website that values accuracy.

    In my opinion they should really explain why a satire review which had no score attached to it was included as a 4 out of 10. They have other reviews that have no scores, so if this Comic Riff Review was to appear on their website at all — who created the score for it?

  5. And yet he does acknowledge the issue. Maybe he thinks he reacted too quickly, but he also believes the game is good enough that it doesn’t need him defending it. That’s a mature way of going about it, but it doesn’t mean he disagrees with the intent of the petition.

  6. NO Troy did NOT make a Mistake and I for one am Proud of him for standing up to try and right this injustice. The People at Naughty Dog have put in thousands of man hours to create Uncharted 4 which is considered a MASTER PIECE by many, so for Metacrtic to even consider the Washington Post Article as anything other then Satire is completely and totally idiotic. I fully support the Petition and the removal of the Washington Post score. Uncharted 4 Deserves ONLY true and accurate scoring reviews and Metaoritic should be smart enough to figure this out.

  7. I am going to get my 4 year old brother to review the game. Hopefully Metacritic will automatically post it. Also, as a 4 year old, he knows what SPOILERS are. That WP review is so bad.

      • @IFunKtioNI:disqus

        Where are you getting this information? Who is HE? Michael Thomsen the author of the satire review?

        • but it isn’t a satire/parody review.
          it’s listed under the comic riffs section, but that’s where all of the site’s reviews come from, judging by their previous reviews such as fallout, uncharted 3, etc.

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