Nintendo Mobile

Nintendo announced their first mobile game, Miitomo, yesterday. It’s a free-to-play game, and is basically Tomodachi Life for your smartphone. This announcement upset many fans (including myself), but I think mobile is the best platform for Nintendo to revive many of its past franchises.

Here are some Nintendo games that would make great additions to our smartphones.



F-Zero was one of the best racing title for NES. The game features a futuristic setting and awesome race tracks. The franchise is now overshadowed by the Mario Cart franchise. A F-Zero game can certainly make use of the accelerometer, touch screen and internet connectivity. Imagine a F-Zero game with crazy race tracks, beautiful graphic and great gameplay, how awesome would it be?



People enjoy mobile games. Especially mini game collections such as Dumb Ways to Die, because they are very fun and easy to play.

Fortunately for Nintendo, it has WarioWare, the king of mini games. WarioWare has tons of fun mini games ranging from hitting baseball, controlling the trampoline to hopping over cars and keeping Wario under spotlight. The sheer number of mini games that a WarioWare game has makes it a Must-Have on the list of candidates for a mobile game.



Nintendogs is one of the few great digital pet games. The game was a phenomenon when it was first released on Nintendo DS.

In this game, you have to raise your own pet puppy by feeding, petting, washing, brushing, etc. The game extensively uses the DS touch screen train your own pet dog and it is absolutely fun and immersive. The game has tons of potential to become better on mobile. You can carry your puppies around and let him meet with puppies of other players to let the puppies play together or use the GPS location service of mobile to trigger events in real-world places. The possibilities are endless.


Punch out

When I first played Infinity Blade, it reminds of Punch-Out. This is because the core gameplay, such as one-on-one battles, studying the opponents’ move, avoiding combos and performing a special attack, basically stems from Punch-Out. It would be very satisfying to use a touch screen to attack or dodge your opponent attacks. I doubt anyone would pass a chance to knock Mike Tyson out on their smartphones.



Pikmin is kind of the game that can be more immersive by using touch screen. Giving commands to pikmins will be a lot easier on smartphone than it was on Gamecube and Wii. Pikmin 3 is coming to Wii U, but Pikmin on smartphone would be a better way to introduce new players to the world of Pikmin

So what do you think about the list? Leave the games that you want Nintendo to make for smartphones in the comment section.

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