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The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight have both proven themselves amazing heroes by themselves and even better when teamed up with one another, now its time to see if their sons can do the same.

Story Rundown

The first issue in the collection actually explores deeper into the budding powers and strengths of Jon Kent, the son of Superman. Superman also is featured in the first issue where he battles with the conflict of having his family and being a hero.

The second issue tackles Superman and his son Jon beginning in the fortress of solitude and then transferring to an island. This issue brings back one of the long forgotten comic teams, The Losers. Unfortunately for them, they all die.

Once we get back to the mainland, Jon and his friend previously introduced are exploring in a forest when what seems like a demonic moose appears. Jon becomes scared and burns some of the forest with his heat vision and the only way to stop him is for Maya to reveal her identity as Nobody and to call Goliath for help.

Finally, this leads to Goliath and Maya bringing Jon back to Damian Wayne. As soon as Jon starts to come around Damian shows himself and threatens Jon. Shortly thereafter Batman comes in and orders Damian to release Jon before Superman comes in. To end the journey the two must overcome an obstacle course together.


This collection offers a lot of character development for Jon Kent including exploring his ability to work with others and furthermore showing that his powers are still developing by giving him freeze breath and even stronger laser vision. One thing it appears Jon is lacking is the ability to fly.

Peter Tomasi, the author, has made strides to include Jon as more a main character in this collection and it worked out very well for the story. Tomasi also explores the issue of trying to get Superman to stop being a hero and pay more attention to his family which helps to make it more dynamic and makes the characters feel more alive. The tension can be felt within Clark trying to be a good father yet wanting to be the hero he has been for countless years.

The only complaint I could find was my distaste for Damian Wayne as he feels quite stale. All Damian is doing is claiming that Jon is a threat but refusing to realize that Jon’s father is taking care of it only seems to lead to a fight between the two families. It feels like a rehash of Batman V Superman but with the children as the two titular characters.


Compared to the previous Superman collection this one was somewhat of a letdown with a drop in character quality in the ways of Damian Wayne. Also, there seems to be a drop in story quality with the seeming rehash of Batman V Superman. The collection still draws the reader in and is still in high quality as expected from the DC Rebirth series.

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