the ring vs the grudge

When Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees faced off in Freddy vs. Jason (straight to the point; I like it), fans of the two IPs were able to rally behind their favorite viscous murderer. Cut to today and now comic book fans, or anyone really, will be able to see two sets of the most iconic bunch of heroes face off on the big screen in DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. 

But why let comic book heroes have all the fun? The villains need some action too!

The last time we saw two movie villains face off was in the aforementioned Freddy vs. Jason 13 years ago (holy sh**, it’s been 13 years?!). Now, thanks to the execs over at Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan, two more semi-icon villains will face off, The Ring‘s Sadako Yamamura and The Grudge’s Kayako (don’t really know if that’s the correct name).

However, the makers behind the film didn’t just decide on creating a movie monster mashup for the sake of copying DC and Marvel (although it could’ve been a reason). Back in April of 2015, a horror movie fanatic threw together his own homemade trailer for The Ring vs The Grudge. The trailer managed to get quite a bit of buzz by itself, and even caught the attention of many filmmakers across Japan. Well, as time has gone by the popularity of crossover films keeps getting larger and larger, so those same filmmakers decided it was time to get serious about actually creating this film, and now here we are.

The official trailer for the film is in Japaneses, so I know very little about the plot (although I wouldn’t want to be the person caught in between whatever argument these two monsters are having), but I’m going to assume it has something to do with someone (or maybe even a group) awakening both curses at the same time and having to work double time to survive as the two monsters try to kill the victim first.

The trailer is linked below and will be released in Japan on June 18, 2016. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think the plot will be. I can’t really get anything based on visuals alone, and I haven’t found anything online detailing a synopsis for the film.

Also, is anyone else oddly excited for The Ring vs The Grudge? I absolutely love horror movies, and even though this looks a tad bit too cheesy to come off as honest horror I still find myself really excited to see two monsters who terrified me as child go at it. Sadly, I’ll have to wait until the dubbed, subbed, or English remake version comes out.

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