The Elder Scrolls

Many people were wary when last year, Zenimax announced that they were working on a card game with Dire Wolf Digital, The Elder Scrolls Legends. A surprising lack of information beyond the trailer left many people wondering what this game was going to turn out to be.

Well. recently, a closed beta was released on an invitation-only basis, with an NDA slapped onto the whole thing. Therefore. every couple of days, Bethesda send out emails to people who have registered for the beta, and those people can try out the game. So far, only a couple of people have talked about the game and what it actually contains, most notably TotalBiscuit.

There is still no release date for the game, and although talking about the game in some articles on their website, they have provided a very lackluster amount of information on the game.

So, for now, even if I had had the game, I wouldn’t be able to review it due to the NDA.

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