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Clark Kent, the man of steel. The man of tomorrow. The last son of Krypton, well, not anymore at least. In the rebirth series for Superman, we find that he is now a loving caring father. Jon Kent is the famed son of Superman and this collection is all about him.

But does it impress?

The first thing to look at is the writer, the brains of the operation. In this case that is Peter Tomasi. Tomasi is well-known for writing comics such as Batman and Robin and the Brightest Day storyline. With so many titles and so much experience under his belt, it only seems fitting Tomasi is writing Superman. Along with Tomasi is a multitude of artists who are covering multiple different comics.

Growing Up

The story offers the chance of the new 52 Superman to be able to return from the dead much as the pre-flashpoint Superman did against Doomsday. The main difference here is the fact that he isn’t returning signaling a need for a new Superman. But this new Superman needs to take care of his growing son. This starts the journey of Jon Kent from son to super son. One of the other key points the collection offers is that of if Superman can juggle being a hero and being a husband and father.


Throughout the collection, various issues arise from evil people seeking to do harm to the unfortunate drawbacks of having super powers. One of these is shown very early in the collection when Jon is playing with his pet cat and a hawk comes to take it away and Jon worries and freaks out, unable to control his powers, uses his laser vision and kills both the bird and cat. In this event, Jon does make his first friend being that of a little girl who turns out to be his neighbor. The girl does seem oddly off like there is something she knows or is hiding something but the collection doesn’t make a direct nod to that being the case.

In the way of supervillains, this collection deals with one of the great enemies of Superman’s past being that of the Eradicator who has a massive backstory with Superman. Originally the Eradicator took over for Superman after his supposed death at the hands of Doomsday. A decent nod to the current Superman’s death with the feature of the Eradicator. The character is decently interesting first wanting to create a new Krypton and then focusing his main goals of purging the human from Jon’s body. This villain was able to offer a threat to Jon and be nostalgic for long-term Superman fans. There are also some throwbacks to Krypto and Batman in the collection.


While offering all of the throwbacks to original characters in the Superman mythos the comic still does its job as a new rebirth of Superman making a new reader friendly comic to read.

The characters themselves could have had their abilities mentioned again so the collection feels a little lacking in this regard. The story itself is very enjoyable and offers a new take on the classic character and it easily draws the reader in.

The characters are amazingly written and very well-developed offering a series that a reader would want to come back to, so they can see how the characters have changed and grown. It is such a joy to watch Jon grow in these few issues.

The series also features amazing art that delivers on its promise to blow you away. This is the art that all of the DC Rebirth series deserves and has been receiving. All of the Rebirth comics features incredible art.


Overwhelmingly this collection has very little drawbacks and is an amazing way to jump into the rebirth series. If you ever saw DC heroes on tv like the Justice League or ever saw any of the many Superman movies this series will make you feel right at home.

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