Last fall it was reported that TNT was producing yet another cable adaptation of Teen Titans, but this time in live-action, causing many to wonder, can Beast Boy work in live-action TV? Well that doesn’t matter anymore since TNT announced today their plans to scrap production on the pilot.  TNT president Kevin Reilly said at Television said at the Television Critics Association press tour “We decided it wasn’t where we wanted to go.”

NBC on the other hand, has ordered a pilot for a DC universe-based Powerless, described as The Office set in the world’s worst insurance company (since they insure superpower related incidents, get it?) The unorthodox sitcom will focus on the non-powered humans who have to deal with the messes left by those with abilities.

Though there is no direct DC comic title attached to the show, it was pointed out at Den of Geek that the idea seems to bear many similarities to Marvel’s Damage Control comic seriesThe series is not meant to include higher tier DC heroes, but hey, with The Flash‘s record over at CW, who know if they don’t at least get a Booster Gold cameo.

The show is produced by Ben Queen who is unfortunately best known for Christin Milioti’s failed post-How I Met Your Mother vehicle A to Z which also ran on NBC. What he should be known for co-creating the lesser-known and underrated TV series Drive, which starred Nathan Fillion post-Firefly, alongside Melanie Lynskey, Taryn Manning, and an unknown Emma Stone.

If Powerless is picked up after May upfronts, you can expect to see it on NBC eventually; because would this be a fall première or a spring  midseason replacement?

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