Not many people expected for Supergirl to do as well as it has done. Many were skeptical when the news got out about its production, but when the first episode of the series managed to finds its way onto the internet before the official release date, it was met with pleasant reviews.

The lack of Superman might have been a bit of a downer for a small bunch of viewers, but, to the majority, keeping DC’s most famous superhero as merely a presence worked out well.

SupergirlTalks about Supergirl‘s jump to CW have been circulating since the pilot episode, but CW president’s (Mark Pedowitz) lack of interest in the project caused the show to remain at CW’s co-parent company, CBS. Now that the first season is over, and reviews for the show have remained relatively high, Pedowitz and his company are now ready to bring Supergirl into the CW DC Universe.

Supergirl’s speedster buddy, The Flash, currently resides at CW so there is no doubt that she will be welcomed to open arms.

On a production standpoint this move would be greatly beneficial for executive producer Greg Berlanti being that his other DC properties (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) are all being filmed and produced at CW’s Vancouver location, which makes his involvement in the LA-based Supergirl a bit difficult.

One thing going against this move is the production cost behind Supergirl being a bit too high for CW pockets. CW’s two biggest shows, The Flash and Arrow, run at much smaller budgets than the CBS produced Supergirl, which means that for the show to make the move Berlanti and his team will need to make some serious budget cuts.

The decision to bring the show to CW will ultimately be that of Les Moonves, chairmen of CBS. Many fans, I’m sure, are for the move to bring Kara and her crew to Vancouver and join the rest of the DC family, but it’s not as easy as we would all like to think.

Hopefully Moonves decides on the move, but, with that, also brings along a bigger budget for CW as a whole. Both Arrow and The Flash would greatly benefit from this and fans of season 1 Supergirl would save themselves from witnessing the hit of a big budget cut.

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