Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario MakerAfter almost a year, Nintendo is finally porting Super Mario Maker to the Nintendo 3Ds so Mario fans can take what they create on the GO.

A majority of what players loved from the Wii U version of the game has been successfully added to the 3Ds port, however, don’t GO on thinking that the 3DS will manage to handle running all of the same features as the console version.

For one, the course-design feature will have every tool available with the exception of the ‘Mystery Mushroom’ and its respective costumes. Very small sacrifice in my opinion.

Where players will see the most change is the online aspect of Super Mario Maker 3DS. As the name suggests, you can make your very own Super Mario level, but unlike the Wii U, where you can upload them for anyone else in the world to enjoy, Super Mario Maker 3DS will only allow players to download already made levels from the Course World.

Thankfully, those courses will be some of the most popular Wii U Mario Maker levels; adding in some of your own won’t be possible.

In lue of such a key feature, Nintendo has decided to borrow an idea from another one of their popular titles, Pokemon GO (hence all the GO’s in the article…and the title).

Rather than create a level, upload them, and wait for other 8-bit couch potatoes to get a hold of them, Nintendo wants you to get off your little tuchus and obtain new levels through StreetPass and Local Wireless.

Having to walk around to play a game might have seemed like a daunting task before, but Pokemon GO proved you all have the will power to stretch out those crumb collectors and walk. Don’t worry though, you still have until December 2nd of this year, so rest easy now that the Pokemon GO hype has faded.

Even if you don’t feel like collecting new courses via StreetPass, the game already comes pre-loaded with 100 maps.

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