Sony has intrigued gamers with its upcoming VR experience, even more so with the announced pricing at $399. Now, it looks like their VR experience is going to be back by something reputable: Star Wars Battlefront.

That’s right, Star Wars is coming to VR, primarily Star Wars BattlefrontVR. Not much is known about what this experience will be, outside the details of it being a “cinematic experience,”. We are guessing this means it won’t be as hands on as we would like, but clearly, this tech is just getting off the ground.

This is one of 50 games Sony has announced that will feature or support VR. This is also the second Star Wars game to feature VR support with Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine being announced March 15th. Trials on Tatooine is also considered a “cinematic experience” and was shown off in an impressive leaked trailer.

So, what do you think about all these Star Wars related games coming to VR? Is this something that would make you consider buy VR from Sony? Let us know!

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