Trekkies/Trekkers unite! Star Trek Online has went through many iterations on the PC (it struggled as a monthly subscription, and ultimately thrived as a F2p). Well, some news has come from the online franchise that has continued to see a solid number of regular members; it is coming to the consoles!

That’s right! Just like its MMO friend DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online will appear on both PS4 and Xbox One sometime this fall. The game has brought back dozens of Star Trek actors to create voices and has nearly 100,000 user created missions. Furthermore, the game has survived on ‘episodes’ or DLC that has created large expansions to the game.

The game will be heavily modified to port from the PC to a 12 button controller layout. It will also feature dynamic changes to the visual/audio engine to produce a better, high quality experience. The game’s UI will be completely re-done as well as the game’s progression system.

So, any Star Trek fans clamoring for this free to play MMO for the consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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