Square Enix, a developer name that resonates with most of us, has given us unforgettable journey’s from games such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and of course, Kingdom Hearts. They’re also the people who’ve had you waiting for nearly a decade for Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV (Versus XIII), and a Final Fantasy VII remake. Thankfully, and to most of our surprise, they’ve announced not only all three of those games mentioned, but have also given us gameplay trailers, and a (somewhat) firm release window. Aside from the FF7 remake announcement that had everybody and their momma going batsh#t crazy, the other game that tugged that good ol’ nostalgia string in a lot of us, was Kingdom Hearts 3.

We haven’t seen much from a gameplay aspect of this game, but just a mere day ago, Square Enix gave fans a bit of a surprise at one of Japan’s biggest gaming events, Jump Fiesta. The surprise came when at the end of a lengthy trailer for a remaster (yes folks, another remaster) of the previously 3DS exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance dubbed Kingdom Hearts HD: II.8 (2.8) Final Chapter Prologue (Christ, what a mouthful) for the PS4, showed a brief, but oh so spectacular gameplay trailer for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. I won’t get much into the new HD remaster, because let’s be honest, that’s not why you clicked this article. But the gist of it is that you’ll get a HD remaster of the popular Kingdom Hearts DDD, alongside a short segmented game from the Birth By Sleep game called Fragmented…something. And probably some other things, but enough about that, lets get into what we saw from the KH3 trailer.

So What’s New?

We start off by seeing Sora and his fellow duck and dog compadres, gliding through the beautiful green mountain valley, supposedly from Hercules, and fighting off them pesky heartless. We have seen this area in the initial gameplay trailer SE released a while back; but I just can’t get over how pretty it looks. Everything from the crisp colours, to the slick animations, and overall polish of the craziness that goes on screen simply looks breathtaking. After a while we jump cut to various worlds, many of which fans of the series will be familiar with; but this time around they look even more alive and vibrant than ever before.

But enough about the graphics, let’s get into what new things we get to see in terms of gameplay. A few times we see Sora go into an almost time-stopping phase, wherein he locks on to multiple enemies and then acrobatically takes them out in one fluid motion. It looks very familiar to that of Dream Drop Distance’ Flow-Motion…but a lot better. We’maxresdefaultve seen a mechanic like this before from games like Transistor. Further along the trailer we see him pause again midst battle to call in the support of a turret-weilding vehicle. Once in the vehicle, the screen goes into first-person mode with a cool “visor” looking thing covering it while you take out all the heartless with rapid-fire lasers…or at least I think they’re lasers. It’s Kingdom Hearts, for all I know they could be pixie dust. A few other acrobatic and combat moves were shown that seemed new, but it was all a tad hard to follow seeing how there was so much going on. And honestly, the only think I could focus on is just how beautiful and vibrant the game looks.

Square Enix has still not officially announced a release date for this much anticipated title. Though rumor has it that a holiday 2016 release is highly possible. Wish I was one of those species that hibernated for an entire season/year.

You can find the full trailer below. (Skip to 3:40 for the KH3 trailer)

Are you excited for KH3? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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