The SNES Classic Is Fine, But Why Does The Switch Still NOT Have A Virtual Console?


So the SNES Classic Edition is now a thing and will be releasing this Fall. Which is…fine. Hey, I mean the NES Classic Edition sold like…I really don’t want to say hotcakes because that’s a saying that needs to die, but you get the idea, it sold well. So much so that Nintendo discontinued it. Because that’s a good business model. “Hey our thing is selling like crazy, so let’s just stop making them.” Apparently word has it that the reason for the discontinuation (is that a word?) is because Nintendo wanted to keep some of the hardware to reuse for the SNES Classic; which makes sense…until you learn that Nintendo only plans on selling the SNES Classic from September to the end of this calendar year.

Oh Nintendo.

But anyway, whatever. The idea of remaking one of your greatest consoles into a miniature version of itself for an affordable price that has a great number of fantastic games pre-installed on it, is a fantastic way for people to get a chance to both replay and play for the first time, these classic video games. Sony, you guys need to get on this. I need my mini PS1 to play Metal Gear Solid, and Syphon Filter 3, and that damn Spider-Man game where you couldn’t fall off buildings cause the city streets were filled with poison mist. It was like Spider-Man meets The Floor is Lava. Yeah, it was pretty sh#t.

But my question is, well okay you read the title you know what the damn question is. It isn’t about why the SNES Classic exists, but more about why has Nintendo not brought their Virtual Console to the Switch yet? We know about Nintendo’s plans to introduce a Netflix type streaming service that will go alongside their online services, but the virtual console is different and should have been something that existed from the get go.

The Switch is already starved for available content, and it’s the perfect platform to replay some of these classics. Heck it’s still one of the reasons I’m holding out on buying the system. Because I’ve never played a lot of these 8-16 bit games, and would love to do so. But on a handheld, not a miniature console that I plug into my TV. That will most likely still have a 3 ½ inch controller cord. The SNES Classic is fine for those simply wanting a cheap way to replay some of their favourites, but for people like me, that want a Switch to play Breath of the Wild and…well that’s it actually, but also want to be able to play these great classics on the go, on the same system, the Virtual Console would be such a great selling point for Nintendo. And hey, forget 8-16 bit, if Nintendo actually went forth and included GameCube titles on their virtual console for the Switch, like what rumours have suggested in the past, they’d be printing money with the Switch. Are they not introducing it yet because they want people to buy the SNES Classic? I guess that would make sense, from a greedy corporate point of view, but I still feel that they are two different markets. And it makes less sense if they truly are only planning on selling the mini SNES for a couple months.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think the Virtual Console doesn’t exist on the Switch? And are you excited for the SNES Classic? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Wondered this myself. As the VC was a contributing factor for me buying the Switch day 1. And when Nintendo said they’d add it ‘later’ after launch, I thought I’d at least have Zelda to occupy me, (3 months ago and counting.)
    I own Donkey Kong Country on my WiiU & still gonna get the snes mini. But that leaves the Switch barren. & Fact is DK 1, 2, &3 can be downloaded on the WiiU, Now!
    As for GameCube, hell yeah! I still got mine & 50+ games in old shoe boxes, along with its component and VGA cables that look absolutely horrendous on my modern TV.
    So Nintendo, if you are holding out due to your ‘Netflix’ like service, please don’t.

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