Say what you will about Gotham, Cameron Monaghan’s addition to the show as the younger version of DC’s Clown Prince of Crime has added more watch-ability to the show. Then again, he doesn’t really have much to go against in terms of present day competition.

Get it? Because Leto’s Joker sucks.

Anyways, with Gotham‘s season 3 return only a month away, Cameron Monaghan decided this merry month was the perfect time to tease audiences who are awaiting his return after being killed off in season 2 with an image of himself in what looks like full Joker costume.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert, he died. But he’s back, so it’s all good. No harm no foul.

The image was shared via Monaghan’s personal Twitter account, but was quickly taken down.

But, you can’t put anything out onto the internet without it being downloaded and shared multiple times, and that is exactly what happened.

Soon after the tweet was taken down, screenshots of the original image began spreading.

Sporting a more dapper clothing attire, Monaghan’s Joker looks to bring us the iconic red lips and green hair. The best part? No tattoos. Or, at least no idiotic tattoos. “Damaged” tatted on the forehead? Seriously?

Gotham is set for its mid-season 3 return next month, January, with its newly painted Clown Prince of Crime.

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