Rooster Teeth and Screwattck

Shaun Bolen (ScrewAttackShaun) the community manager and advantage content manager at ScrewAttack has announced that their long beloved company is now “teaming up” with the omnipresent and newer gaming company, ‘Rooster Teeth’. The reason I put “teaming up” (the phrase Shaun used in his post) in quotations, is because it more or so seems that Rooster Teeth is “absorbing” ScrewAttack and folding them into their own company rather than being “brothers.” Users on a thread on NeoGaf that was posted soon after the news came out seem to speculate that this is indeed the case as well.

So yes, Burnie and his team of misfits from shows like “The Know” and “Funhaus” will be bringing Shaun alongside his whole team under their wing.

Now this is big news for anybody who’s been following ScrewAttack for the many years they’ve been in business. And for some that are unfamiliar or even have a disliking with Rooster Teeth’s work, may be a little concerned. What’s going to happen to all the great content and series’ from ScrewAttack? Will Rooster Teeth begin implementing their content style into the shows of ScrewAttack? Are the personalities from each company going to crossover and do shows on the other? Well, we really don’t know anything yet. Shaun Bolen stated the following on his post:

“You probably have a TON of questions about specifics and what’s going to happen to this and that. All I’ll say for now is to not worry about it. I can guarantee every concern you probably have has already been asked ourselves, and we have an answer for all of them.”

He goes on to say:

“If you’ve not noticed we’ve refocused on personality-driven content. Shows like SideScrollers, Available Now, and The Industry are putting ScrewAttack faces back in front of the camera. Not only does Rooster Teeth love this, but they’re going to help those aspects of our company grow. Let that sink in, especially you hardcore. We’re going to work with Rooster Teeth. It’s going to be fucking awesome.”

He concludes his post by saying:

“I’ve never been more excited to work at ScrewAttack. There’s tons of work to do, and I’m extremely pumped to see what happens next. I hope you all are too.”

So it seems that they’re definitely going for much more personality driven content using cameras, much like many of the shows Rooster Teeth and even other YouTube personalities like Kinda Funny do.

What do you guys think of this announcement? Are you excited to see what this new merger will bring in terms of content? Or, being an avid ScrewAttack fan, are you fearful of what may happen? Let us know in the comments below!

Read Shaun Bolen’s full post here:

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