Wow. What to say about a movie like Sausage Party? It is a funny movie, but very weird. I saw this movie by myself on an impulse. I’m glad I saw it by myself. I’m sure many other reviews and trailers have been over this, but despite being an animated movie it gets a hard R rating.

If you have children, do not take them to see this movie. Even if they are of age, don’t take them. Everyone will feel uncomfortable to say the least. No matter how bad you think it’s gonna be, it will be worse. I will never watch this movie with my parents. I’m 22. So… keep the R rating in mind. Please.

The plot is very simple. All of the food in the supermarket is alive and they desperately want to get picked by the consumer. In the food’s eyes the consumers are gods. If the gods choose the food, they will get to go outside of the store to: The Great Beyond. What each food thinks the Great Beyond is differs, but they are all sure that it will be a wonderful paradise where nothing bad will ever happen. But we all know what happens to the food that we take home. We eat it.

Sausage Party 2

A hot dog named Frank (played by Seth Rogen) starts questioning whether the Great Beyond is actually the heavenly paradise they’ve all been led to believe. Accompanied by other foods, he begins a search for the truth to find answers about the gods and the Great Beyond. Unfortunately for Frank, not everyone wants to know the truth.

It’s a Seth Rogen movie! It is from the same people who created Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This is the End. It has plenty of the voice actors you would expect: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and that whole crowd. Joining the typical cast are other famous actors like Edward Norton, Kristen Wiig, and Nick Kroll. The voice acting in the movie is one of the strongest points and the actors take their roles very seriously, despite such a silly movie.

Sausage Party 4

The humor in it is very over the top. When I say that I mean that a lot of the humor comes from the shock value of the jokes. It’s a movie where the jokes are as big and outrageous as possible. While I can find the humor in this, it isn’t exactly my favorite form of comedy. I was probably expecting something closer to Pineapple Express or This is the End. Those movies are funny because of the group interaction and the controlled chaos. That kind of humor is mostly absent here. Danny McBride and James Franco are only briefly in the movie, which is a shame because they always portray the funniest characters. But if you love the aforementioned shock humor then you will fully enjoy this movie.

One thing I found very interesting is the social commentary in the movie. When talking about the Great Beyond and each individual food’s beliefs, it explores religion and has a lot of important things to say. I actually appreciate some of the messages it has to offer. My only issue with it is that the movie lays it on a little thick. The commentary is not subtle. It is very much in your face for the last half of the movie. So while I think it is great that they use animated food for satire, the lack of subtlety is just a tad off-putting.

Sausage Party 3

The film is very humorous and entertaining, but boy is it disturbing. Animated foods are tortured and eaten alive. That is bad enough, but it goes far, far beyond that. The main antagonist is a significant cause of some of the disturbing events. He is a good antagonist and very easy to hate. Unfortunately I can’t go too into detail without spoilers.

The movie isn’t bad, but it is by no means Seth Rogen’s best work. His special brand of humor remains in the film however. Some of you will love this movie, while some of you will be outright disgusted. Sausage Party is a decent summer comedy, but even looking past the weirdness, it still leaves something to be desired.

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