HoverBoards are everywhere. Kids have them. Celebrities have them. You see them at the grocery store and around town. They are flooding our streets like some epidemic. Regardless of your opinion on them, they are not true to the name of ‘hover’.

Not until now, with ArcaBoard’s real HoverBoard.

The mattress shaped hovering board, ArcaBoard is powered by a 272 horsepower engine, propelling 36 fans and you, off the ground. This amazing technology is set for a mid 2016 release, and with a steep price of nearly $20,000. Ouch!


The device will carry two different weights, one for someone under 200 pounds and another for someone at the maximum of 250 pounds. The HoverBoard is said to work up to 1.2 miles on a single charge. A feat that is somewhat impressive, despite only six minutes of battery use on a full charge. Not only that but the ArcaBoard will take roughly six hours to charge through a plug-in station.

Clearly, the technology is there but the infrastructure needs a bit more work.

What do you think of the ArcaBoard? If you had the money, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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