It has been almost six years since the last Left 4 Dead was released on Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Nothing has been heard from the franchise, until now, and some small rumors have started popping around the internet. The latest? A sequel set for 2017.

Yes, please.

Nothing has been confirmed about console support. Originally supported by Microsoft hardware, it would not be surprising to see it spread to Playstation for franchise support.

It appears the franchise will now be centered around a female character, Katherine. She will also be followed by three additional characters, characters we know nothing about at this point in time.

Beyond that, we know Turtle Rock, designers for the game, will not be working on Left 4 Dead 3 and have stated that this is a, “Valve thing from now on.”

So, not a lot to go on. However, a lot of people truly enjoyed these games and for good reason. The co-op gameplay was great. Are you looking forward to a possible sequel? Let us know!

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