The Star Wars: Rogue One trailer came out last week, and sent the internet into utter chaos. Did anyone really expect it to look that good? Probably not. The upcoming, December slated blockbuster adds another layer to the Star Wars franchise by telling the untold story of the daring spies who stole the plans for the Death Star.

That being said, the film has the potential to be better, much better than The Force Awakens. Uhh, but how? Here are our reasons:


Putting The War Into Star WARS


Besides pieces of space battles, and minor skirmishes, we haven’t seen much out of this galactic war. The hit animated show, The Clone Wars, better illustrated the war between the Republic and Separatists. It highlighted areas that the films never quite touched on, and expanded the understanding Lucas failed to bring in the prequels. Here, Rogue One has the opportunity to not only do this, but to bring a Black Hawk Down, gritty, dirty, mucky feeling to the universe that it desperately needs. We get glimpses of this possibility, with some explosions, some battle tanks rolling in, and of course, the sweeping shot of the AT-ATs chasing our heroes. Our hope is that Rogue One will give us that warfare feeling that will be fresh and exciting to the universe.

Darth Vader 


It’s fair to say that George Lucas told a story that wasn’t necessarily meant to be told with Anakin’s turn to the dark side. Did we REALLY need to know what happened? Not really, but we got it anyways. The poor planned, rushed execution left many sour. Thankfully, shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels better explained Anakin’s tip to the dark side. Rogue One could do the same. Lets be honest, this film, Rogue One, cannot be made without Darth Vader being in here, somewhere. He oversaw the creation of the Death Star, and clearly, despite what the trailers have shown, is the villain here. Yes, Ben Mendelsohn (the all white Admiral in the teaser) is the seen villain, but Darth Vader will be pulling the strings. The film will be much, much better for it.


Ridiculous Amounts Of Talent


Gareth Edwards (Director of Godzilla and Monsters). Gary Whitta (Writer of the Book of Eli). Greig Fraser (Cinematography for Zero Dark Thirty). Academy Award winners Felicty Jones and Forest Whitaker . Chinese action star Donnie Yen. Fantastic villains Mads Mikkelsen and Ben Mendelsohn. With talents like Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk. Not going to lie, this cast is full, spitting with talent. Sure, not all of it is top grade (Whitta’s writing hasn’t always been phenomenal, and his writing partner, Chris Weitz, has written some awful films). Regardless, this is a really talented cast with veteran actors who can bring a lot of energy, charisma and power to the screen.


(Probably) No Lightsabers


Jedi’s are sweet. Sith are badass too. Lightsabers look awesome! However, after a while, we become immune to their charm, their effect and their power. It becomes two ballet dancers, dancing around colorful wands. It loses the power and emotion when every film has a lightsaber duel. Thankfully, besides the presence of Darth Vader in the film, we more than likely won’t get to see a lightsaber duel anywhere in this film. Rogue One will benefit greatly from this. The Star Wars universe is full of awesome weaponry and gadgetry. It should use this opportunity to explore that.

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