Rocket League

Rocket Leagues first big time tourney, the Rocket League Champions Series (RLCS) began on Saturday. A staggering 6,100 teams entered the competition in order to hopefully grab a slice of the $75,000 prize pool, making this the largest prize pool for Rocket League to date.

Unfortunately, the RLCS ran into some unexpected mishaps during the early rounds. Smash.GG, a popular website used primarily to set up tourneys for fighting games such as Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter, hosted the event, and very quickly fell to the mass amount of players logging in at once. Games were delayed for up to 4 hours, scores could not be submitted, and the tournament mods were nowhere to be found

Soon after the site was brought back online, hundreds of players were unrightfully disqualified due to the inability to check in to their games. The Rocket League community was quick to display their unhappiness towards the site crash with a barrage of tweets,  as well as a lengthy reddit post expressing their discontent.

In response, SmashGG made their own reddit post where they apologized for any inconvenience they may have caused (which believe me was a lot).

For those who were DQ’d due to the site crash, fear not! Registration is now open to those who were unlucky. To find out if your are eligible for the make up brackets, check here.

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