Microsoft is close to revealing information about the upcoming Xbox One updated console, reports are indicating. The upcoming model(s) are to be shown at this year’s upcoming E3. Until then, speculation has run rampant about Microsoft’s upcoming console. The new information, the consoles power, design and support.

The project is called Scorpio, and will feature two distinct models. One will be a ‘powerhouse’ console, and one will be a slim console. The slim console will feature a smaller design, and a bigger harddrive at 2TBs. This is to be released sometime at the end of the year.

The smaller model will produce about 40% more power than the current model. Reports are showing that Microsoft is apparently desperate to keep up with Sony, and their production of 4K producing hardware. Of course, at this time, this is completely relegated to reports. Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, has publicly stated that Microsoft wants nothing to do with this race.

Until E3, we are left to guess what ‘Scorpio’ is.

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