Top Gear

Top Gear is one of the most watched shows in the world. It anchored BBC, and spawned many different variations from culture to culture.

Well, that was then, and this is now. Top Gear has went through a massive re-dux, and now features a whole new cast. A cast including Joey from Friends, a yelling ginger British guy and a bunch of YouTube car reviewers. What could go wrong?

Well, the ratings are down, the stars don’t get along and now, co-host Matt LeBlanc is threatening to leave!

Multiple resources and reports are stating that if Matt LeBlanc does not get his way, he will leave Top Gear. For those who have managed to watch the first few episodes of this new season, LeBlanc might be the only redeeming factor.

Reports are stating that LeBlanc isn’t happy with Chris Evan’s treatment of the team, cast or his attitude. The team apparently “does not gel, and when they are together, things are frosty.”

This is not the first report, but one of many stating that the co-hosts simply do not get along. Chris Evans has been the front of scrutiny, with his shouting, lack of car knowledge and poor interview skills.

Additional reports have stated that Top Gear has sent a ‘blank check’ to LeBlanc in the hopes he stays. What will this mean exactly? We have no idea, as this story continues to divulge.

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