red dead redemption

Back in July of this year, Xbox One users were delighted to hear that Grand Theft Auto V was going to get an amazing update that will re-skin the game to look like the old west, replace cars with horses, and automatic guns with six-shooters.

Wait, I am just being informed that it is in fact not an update; Red Dead Redemption was just made available for Xbox One users via backwards compatibility. Okay, that makes more sense.

With the original release date for the game being back in May of 2010, you’d assume that the buzz around it would have faded. That doesn’t seem to be the case here since fans of the series look eager to get their hands on the rumored remastered version of Red Dead Redemption.

GameFocus, a Korean gaming website, published some insider info they managed to get their hands on in regards to this remastered release. GameFocus says (translated via Google):

“Masterpiece Action Adventure Game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ remastered version of the Korean painter was confirmed.

Red Dead Redemption game is rated up to me to represent a generation of consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox360 2010 years and is the title of a rock star representing the highly successful Games.

This game is continued rumors turned naondaneun a remastered version of the current generation of consoles. In fact, the remastered version is ready but unfortunately the fans have been making rock star Games is not an official announcement.”

Thanks Google. That was not all confusing; ya nailed it, kid.

Rumors of all kinds should be taken with a grain of salt. Even though this rumor has spread to multiple sites (along with its rumored mid-2017 release date), nothing has come out of Rockstar’s digital mouth.

It does seem odd that Rockstar would plan for a remastered release for the game one year after the game has been made available to one-third of current gen consoles. If anything, Xbox One users will be left with two versions of Red Dead Redemption to play, a remastered one and one they can play via backward compatibility; which is awkward.

GameFocus also added that an official announcement for Red Dead Redemption Remastered will be made tomorrow during the PlayStation meeting being held in New York, where it is also rumored that the new model for the PS4 (Neo or Slim) will be shown.

Rumors all over the place, man.

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