Ah Game of Thrones. Who doesn’t love it. Every Sunday millions of people around the world lock their doors to make sure no one comes in and sit in front of their tv sets to watch without doubt one of the best shows if not the best show ever made. Game of Thrones has everything, drama, violence, twists, an epic story with epic battles and most important to me great characters.


A lot of the show’s success can be attributed to the two writers David Benioff and DB Weiss. They are the ones who brought the show to our tv sets and so far they have done a fantastic job with a story this huge and characters that many.

Now let me ask you a question, what would be your reaction if you heard that the 2 writers are making a new tv show called Confederate, an alternate reality show in which the confederate states of america survived till the 21st century and where slavery is a modern, legal institution.

When I first heard about the show I was very positive. I thought that the setting was interesting, it’s an alternate universe which I love and the show will be written by people who have proven that they can pull this off.

However what I saw in the media was “O look 2 white men are making a tv show about slavery” with a weird emphasis on the white part………….how? how can someone say something like that in the 21st century and post it on the internet ( then I remembered its the internet).

Don’t believe me, film and culture critic Rebecca Theodore said “These white filmmakers who have been silent on the plight of black America are basically profiting off of black pain. This show is just something cool that will give them ratings and accolades, but there’s nothing in their work that has ever shown that they have a vested interest in the welfare of black Americans.”

Roxanne gay another person whose existence I was ignorant of said “It is exhausting to think of how many people at HBO said yes to letting two white men envision modern-day slavery. And offensive.” with an emphasis again of the white part.

Along with these two several others also showed their disapproval with nearly but not all of them saying that the show should not be made because either its a sensitive topic or that it’s just profiting of the suffering of black people or because the writers who are white are incapable of presenting the topic accurately.

Now if the people who were writing the show had a history of racism or were bad at writing then I would have agreed. A show about a topic this sensitive should not be made by people who are incompetent and just work for money but let me stress again that these are the writers who are responsible for game of thrones. They are more than qualified to do this. It doesn’t matter if they are white because in 2017 that shouldn’t be an issue. To assure people that the show will not be just biased black suffering lets address some of their issues.

1. David Benioff and D.B Weiss are white and Hence Can’t Present the topic accurately :

Ok so first of all how is this an issue. Just because the writers are white doesn’t translate into them wanting to glorify slavery as not that bad of a thing. If anything this would make them want to present the show as accurately as they can because I am sure they don’t want to show themselves as biased against blacks. Also they are not the only producers making the show. 2 of the shows producers are also black and I am pretty sure they won’t allow any glorification of slavery so that argument is out of the window. Also the two white producers have no history of bias against blacks and they don’t have a history of racism

2. Its Slavery Fan fiction :

Roxan Gay proudly declared “I Don’t Want to Watch Slavery Fan Fiction.” and so did a lot of other people. Count me in to if that was the entire show but one of the producers Malcolm Spellman has clarified that this is not what the show is about. “The project is not antebellum imagery, it’s not whips, it’s not plantations, it’s not a celebration or pornography for slavery. And, most importantly, it’s not an entire nation of slaves.” He further said the show will be about a divided america where yes it will show harsh treatment of blacks but I am pretty certain the focus will be on politics, intrigue, diplomacy and potentially wars between two ideologically different states like another really good show.

3. It will not present history in an accurate way :

Well duh. It’s not a historical drama, it’s an alternate universe. A lot of stuff is gonna be made up to fit the narrative. If you expect historical accuracy, you are not gonna find it.

4. David and Weiss would not be able to handle the complexities of the civil war :

Well to answer that we simply need to look at their past work and see how successful they have been. Game of Thrones is a very complex show with tons of characters with different personalities. In addition there are tons of story lines that have to be handled with care otherwise fans would be disappointed. Yes, they had a lot of help from the books but after season 5 no books were there to guide them and so far they have yet to disappoint. So they are more than qualified to handle a topic this complex. And where is the proof that if the producers were all black that would instantly make the show accurate and better. Just because everyone making the show becomes black, everything becoming better is ridiculous.

Conclusion :

Now look is it possible that the show will be a flop, yes, is it possible that the producers will make a biased show with simple slavery fan fiction ? Absolutely but we can’t say that with a resounding yes untill we at least get a trailer. Untill a trailer gets released we should support them and give them a chance prove themselves. If they fail to deliver in say the pilot episode then yes, they should call it quits and not move forward. However they should not be criticized because they are white. Critics and activists who want equality of the races should be the first people to discourage this instead of doing it themselves.

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