B.o.B Rapper

Celebrities go crazy; it’s just a rule of nature.

A large amount of them make it out okay, a little off, but for the most part fine. Others, however…they end up doing sh*t like this:

Not enough idiocracy for you? Well a take a nice long sip of this flat coke:

People are allowed to have their own beliefs. It’s a right we all have that no can trample on.

However, with that right comes the to right to judge others for what they believe in. Well it’s not really a right; it’s just something we do as humans.

Like other Flat-Earth believers, B.o.B is an idiot.

Sorry to offend, but this whole…thing, is just stupid. It’s escapism at its dumbest.

Flat-Earth believers are the punching bag of belief groups, and rightfully so.

A handful of astronauts…and Neil deGrasse Tyson…have caught on to B.o.B’s newest venture in pursuing his dead-end cause, and have responded:

Ugh. I have no qualms with deGrasse Tyson, but like…does he always have to say something?


B.o.B has utilized GoFundMe in an attempt to get other flat earth believers to send him money.


Well, the video above explains exactly what he’ll be using the money for, but it’s about as boring and unoriginal as his music career.

B.o.B has, of course responded, because what else is he gonna do? Work on better music? Highly unlikely.

His response isn’t all that surprising. It’s about the response you’d expect come out of someone who vehemently believes that the earth is flat.

Like Trump, he just uses the ‘hate’ of the common knowledge folk to ‘strengthen’ his stance.

Only, in this case, no one really cares.

Then again…I did write this article.

Be an idiot all you want, Bobby Simmons, my dog will likely learn to change his own litter before you do any real change in this world; this very much round world.

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