Lion Game Lion’s highly anticipated co-op shooter, RAID: World War II has officially entered the closed beta stage available to all owners of Payday 2. [Note that for legal reasons, the RAID: World War II beta cannot be accessed in Germany]

RAID: World War II is set in Nazi Germany when the Axis were at peak military power. The protagonists are Allied resistance fighters, tasked by British Intelligence officer, “Ms. White” with sabotaging Hitler’s regime.

The beta can be accessed from Payday 2’s main menu. In the past, Lion Game Lion has collaborated with Payday 2 developers, Overkill Software on content for Payday 2. Furthermore, RAID: World War II is published by Starbreeze, parent company of Overkill, and following the RAID: World War II Steam Store page will unlock a melee weapon in Payday 2. It is currently unclear to what extent Overkill and Lion Game Lion will be collaborating in the development and promotion of RAID: World War II.

RAID: World War II is scheduled for full release on September 26, 2017.

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