This morning, reddit and other sites reported live as Radiohead’s website faded over time into a blank web page. At the same time, the band’s Facebook posts and tweets were gradually erased over time until there was no official presence left of the band online. By this afternoon, even lead singer Thom Yorke’s profiles have gone blank.

This comes on the heels of several UK fans who have ordered from the band’s official site receiving cryptic leaflets in the mail with an embossed Radiohead logo on them. The leaflets read “Sing the son of sixpence that goes: Burn the witch/we know where you live.”

These are seen as clear signs of Radiohead’s upcoming and as yet untitled ninth studio album. The album’s existence was not known until the announcement of Radiohead’s participation in Barcelona’s June Primavera Sound Festival.

Radiohead are no strangers to finding new ways to both release and advertise their albums. In 2011, their last album, King of Limbs, was released within days of its announcement. When it was dropped a day prior to its announced release date, the band passed out newspapers heralding its arrival. In 2007, for In Rainbows, the band released the album online for whatever price the customer saw fit.

Each time the band has an album about to release, they create a new company for eagle-eyed fans to discover. For this album back in January they created Dawn Chorus LLP, for King of Limbs they created Ticker Tape Ltd., and for In Rainbows they made Xurbia Xendless Ltd.

for all the fuss, Radiohead have made much more of an impact on the internet today, by removing themselves from it than most stars would.

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