Forza 6

Brazil may not be ‘hip with the times’ like us young folks. It’s heavy tax on video games and consoles have swayed the people away from indulging on the digital epics people elsewhere have turned into livelihoods.

Brazil even serves as an alternate reality where Sega won the war against Nintendo.

So, with them being a little behind on current gaming, it’s not necessarily a surprise when someone in the country confuses one of the many hyper-realistic games available today as real life.

One sneaky little prankster sent Forza 6 gameplay footage of a limo driving around in reverse on a track to the Brazlian news channel, Balanço Geral, and they mistook the footage as a real life recording of the test drivers have to go through in order to become the President’s official driver.

The video’s caption reads, “teste para motorista de presidente dos estados unidos impressiona: voce seria aprovado?” which (using my loose Portuguese knowledge) translates roughly to what I assume is, “US Presidential Driver’s Test Impresses: Would you pass?”

As the article title says, the footage shown is actually from Forza 6 and it’s showcasing the Cadillac Limo that came with the Logitech G Car Pack.

Though this clip is a little embarrassing for the Brazilian news channel, it doesn’t trump that time when South Korea used Battlefied 3 and Ace Combat footage to show off their military prowess.

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