If YouTube can be credited for anything, it should be for connecting people from all walks of life and allowing them access to a platform that calls for team work and collaboration in the hopes of creating the dankest of prank videos.

Pope Francis, who is currently competing against Obama to see who can be the hippest of them all, has recently held a meeting with 11 YouTubers in order to discuss topics that they (the YouTubers) thought were of the utmost importance.

Much like the platform itself, the personalities Pope Francis met with were all from different regions of the world:

Although no recording of VI Scholas World Congress (the program Pope Francis created in order to hold discussing such as these) can be found, each YouTuber listed above will release a video in the near future about their experiences.

No word on if Pope Francis will start up his own YouTube channel and share his thoughts; if Pope Benedict XVI can have a channel, why can’t Pope Francis?

Maybe after all of these YouTubers release their respective videos, we, as a human race, will find out if it really IS just a prank, bro?

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