Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

So now we finally know some of the juicy details regarding the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games!

Since the reveal of these games we have waited patiently for more information, and The Pokémon Company have finally delivered. They have released a video containing details about the region itself, the legendaries, and the three starter Pokémon.

And, you know what? The starters are absolutely adorable!

They typically follow the fire/grass/water pattern, although one of them is a dual type. This would be Rowlet: a grass/flying type. This delightful owl-like Pokémon wears a leafy bow-tie and looks ready for a big cuddle.



The next is Litten, the fire type. This is basically a kitten that looks ready for business. Even though its flaming furball attack looks painful, we can’t deny that we’d love to have it as a pet!

Litten Pokemon


Finally, we have Popplio, the water type. Resembling a blue sea lion, this happy looking Pokémon looks like it’s ready to perform tricks instead of battle. Just look at its little face!



Even though the starters all look like lovable pets, the legendaries are a different matter. One appears to look like a cross between a white lion and an Entei, and the other seems to be a large purple bat. The names have yet to be released, but it is believed that the lion one is the legendary for Pokémon Sun, whereas the bat is for Moon.

Another interesting reveal is the region. With a name like Alola, it seems as though the region has been inspired by the tropical state of Hawaii. This is also supported by the appearance of a volcano and tiki statues in the video.

Due to be launched on November 18th, these much anticipated games are one of the many ways The Pokémon Company are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The first generation of games were re-released on the Nintendo 3DS back in February, and the release of Sun and Moon will be followed by the launch of the exciting augmented-reality Pokémon Go.


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