I know. I know. You want to get back on Pokémon GO and try to catch that Koromon sitting on your neighbor’s car; I’ll keep things short and sweet for y’all.

Not many things have taken the world by storm quite like Nintendo’s immensely popular Pokemon-based mobile app, Pokémon GO. It almost makes the Slap Chop seem like a relic of the past.

Although no official attempts have been made by Nintendo or Niantic, Inc. (the devs behind Pokémon GO) to bring in add-ons to the title, Razer, the PC gaming manufacturing company, and Project FixUp have both taken it upon themselves to bring even more fun to the players.

Razer’s app, aptly names RazerGO, will give Pokémon GO players the ability to chat with other players within their vicinity. The app will function in the same manner as the RazerGO website; players will have to enter their Trainer Name, choose their faction (Water Finch, Fire Duck, or Thunder Eagle), and toggle around with the amount of distance you want the chat room to encompass.

Before doing that, however, you have to first sign up for a RazerID; just makes it easier for them when they trade around your soul with other companies.

The official mobile app for RazerGO won’t be made available until July 25th, but you can go a head and get a head start via the link above.

On the more intimate side of things, Project FixUp’s Pokémon GO dating add-on, Pokédateswill allow players to go on…Poké Dates…with other players. Like every other dating app, you must first set up your profile and add all the juicy details about yourself.


The one down side to Pokédates for most users will most likely be the price. Although downloading the app will cost nothing, after the first date users will be charged $20 USD for every other date they go on.

Understandably, in-app purchases are the bane of many people’s existence, but would you rather spend $20 on a date and possibly find your soul mate, or spend $20 to get your hands on some more Pokéballs?



Pokéballs. Definitely the Pokéballs


P.S. I know that Koromon isn’t a Pokémon.


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