I have been waiting patiently for the UK release of Pokemon GO and it has finally arrived!

This morning I was delighted to find an email that notified me that I could now download Pokemon GO!

Needless to say I was excited, my girlfriend was also excited, but did not appreciate me running into the bedroom announcing the capture of my Charmander.

I decided to write this mainly to let people know, but sadly that’s not enough for an article and I need to kill some time while I wait for my girlfriend to get ready.

Advice for beginners

PokemonI am going to give you a few tips for starting your actual Pokemon journey. Firstly when you start, go to as many poke stops as possible, they should be easy to find. They tend to be located at places of note, like memorials, churches, parks and there are loads in towns and cities.These poke stops actually refresh every 5 minutes so be sure to revisit them often.

Catch everything in sight, there will be plenty of time to catch your dream team but for the first few levels the Pokemon you find will be very low cp and wont be any good later on. So don’t be afraid of only catching 4 different types of Pokemon for the first day.

Your environment matters! Water Pokemon spawn more near water and grass type Pokemon spawn near fields. This doesn’t mean you wont find any water Pokemon if you live in a desert it just means they are going to be rare.

Walking is not only healthy, but it’s helpful?

PokemonEgg hatching has been in Pokemon since the 2nd generation so they are here in Pokemon Go.

Now I know what you are thinking, “I can just drive 10km in a car to hatch it,” but you are wrong!

Pokemon GO monitors your speed and progress to make sure that you are walking. I recommend going for a casual bike ride if you want to hatch eggs.

Right, I have made this article long enough I am now going off on my Pokemon adventure, I will be sure to keep you lot informed if I find anything important or if something comes up. Download the game, go outside and “be the very best, like no one ever was”.


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