If, like me, you were worried that we’d be waiting longer than expected for Pokémon Go to be released, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The beta testing for the game has been put into motion, which suggests that the game is nearing completion already!

The beta testing sign-up was available to Japanese citizens with Android devices. The day has finally arrived for the lucky chosen few, and they can now play through the smartphone game with anticipation and excitement in their eyes. Hopefully it’ll be every bit as good as the other Pokémon games we all know and love!


Pokemon Go 2


Although we are gradually receiving more and more snippets of information regarding this new augmented-reality game, there are still dozens of questions many fans want the answers to.

How far will we have to travel to “catch ’em all”? If certain Pokémon are country-specific, then that will make it near impossible for most players to complete the game. It has already been confirmed that the game will incorporate a trading system, and hopefully it will be a similar idea to Pokémon X and Y‘s Wonder Trade feature. Does this mean it could be possible to remain in your local area and still catch them all?

What about legendary Pokémon? If we are to assume that there will be legendaries in Pokémon Go, will it be a first come first served basis? Can a legendary Pokémon be caught more than once from the same place, by hundreds of different people?

How do we purchase Poké Balls, Potions, and other necessary items? We’ve already seen, during the first release of game footage, that you can have a whole assortment of Poké Balls. Are these purchased using some sort of in-game currency obtained by battling and defeating other players?


All these questions swimming through our minds remain unanswered – for now. With the speed at which the game is being produced, I’m sure we’ll find out the answers we desperately want to know soon enough. We’ll just have to sit back and eagerly await more Pokémon Go information with a bit of patience!


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