The VR War has been ongoing for such a long time; pretty much since the announcement of the Oculus Rift back in early 2010. Once Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg acquired the company behind this revolutionary product things really started to kick into high gear. Devs all over the entertainment industry sought to dip their hands in this new medium.

Valve’s HTC Vive has recently made headlines with its huge $800 USD price tag, and the much-anticipated Oculus Rift is getting closer and closer to finally being released to the public (early March) for a much lower price tag of $600 USD.

Well, now we have a (sot of) new contender entering the VR War. Although the public has known about PlayStation’s dabble in the VR world (the PlayStation VR) for quite a while now, we haven’t really been given a price for the headset, which is rather odd considering just about every other popular figure in the VR world has given their price.

That may no longer be the case seeing as a Czech website might have beaten Sony to the price reveal of the PlayStation VR Headset. The authenticity of this potential leak has yet to be confirmed by any Sony exec, but rarely is a leak ever confirmed within the hour.


This 11 990Kc price converts to about $490 USD which gives the headset a very competitive edge against its competition. Not to mention the fact that gamers will only have to worry about the cost of the headset rather than spending some extra cash on upgrading their system, a factor that has turned many consumers away from the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Much like the Oculus Rift’s buddy competent, the Oculus Touch, Sony might end up partnering up their VR Headset with their already existing PS Move.

As with most leaks, take this price tag with a grain of salt, but feel free to check out the website the PlayStation VR headset is listed on (which, surprisingly, has not been taken down yet).



    • I know that the price is indicative. I never said that I believe it to be the final official price.
      I’m just saying that this price is too high. And that I believe it should be less than 400

  1. Too expensive to be a success.

    That is just weird to sell a system for 350$, and sell an accessory that you can only use with that system for 500$.

    400$ tops, or it will be a failure.

    • Yeah, all this coverage of the VR headsets coming out have set the bar pretty darn high for all products of this kind. If anything, we’ll probably be seeing some split between casual consumers going for low range headsets while the more intense gamers go for the top tier (kind of like how the whole console vs PC war is going).

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