Yesterday, PlayStation brought out the big guns during their E3 press conference. With the help of a live orchestra, Sony introduced new titles, along with reviving some classics.

Sony began the conference with a live demo for the next installment of God Of War. The demo was played live for the audience, and followed Kratos teaching his son how to hunt.

Although aged, the Ghost Of Sparta was seen to dispatch some seemingly weak enemies, as well as a giant with his classic ‘in-your-face’ sequence-based brutality. The demo showed off Kratos’ basic attacks, his “Spartan Rage”, and of course, lots of blood!

When we can expect to become daddy Kratos, however, was not announced.

Following a short remembrance for the victims of the recent shooting, was a teaser for a new game titled Days Gone. A solemn monologue paired with small clips and screen shots at first revealed Days Gone to be just another apocalyptic, open world, Last Of Us-esque game, but when a live demo of the game was played at the end of the show, that no longer seemed to be the case.

While Days Gone may have been influenced by The Last Of Us, the literal hordes of zombies piling towards the game’s protagonist was a frightening spectacle.

Set in the very near future, Days Gone seems to be a fresh look at the usual zombie survival games currently on the market.

Next up was a game play trailer for the well anticipated JAPAN Studios title, The Last Guardian.

While nothing insanely new was revealed, a very satisfying, October 25th,  released date earned an applause from the audience.

Horizon Zero Dawn also had a demo show off its beautiful world.

A first look at the at the lore and story of the Guerilla Games title showed off the combat, looting and crafting system, and the multiple dialogue options (think Mass Effect).

All of this gave Playstation fans even more to look forward too on February 28th of next year.

Next was a new look at Detroit: Become Human.

In this futuristic world where lifelike robots are mass-produced, you are given the chance to face dilemmas in multiple different ways. With the ability to rewind and see what you could have done differently, this neo noir, decision based game seems to put a new twist on the usual formula of triple-A titles is worth keeping an eye on.

Resident Evil 7 was also revealed during the press conference, and boy did it look amazing.

Multiple unsettling gameplay clips were shown and nothing more was announced besides the January 24th release date and the demo available, yes, right now! Did I mention the game is completely VR compatible?!

PS VR also got its spotlight in the show with the announcement of its release on October 13th. Over 50 games will be available by the end of the year. Among those VR games, teasers of a few PS VR exclusives included a Star Wars X Wing Experience, FarPoint, a first person Final Fantasy mode as Prompto, and… Batman?

A gameplay teaser of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare showed off some very interesting mechanics.

While it seems Call Of Duty will continue with its trend of becoming more and more futuristic, the firefights set in open space gave a new spin on the long time FPS series.

Perhaps the change is necessary in order to stop the complaints of the classic FPS formula used.

Another trailer for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfares‘ remaster was also shown to have the campaign portion available to PlayStation 30 Days before the official release.

Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot Warped are also getting a full remaster for PlayStation. The classic spinning Bandicoot will also make a debut in another, rather underwhelming, Skylanders game titled Skylanders: Imaginators.

A Lego Star Wars game, based on the recent film, was also revealed.

The next installment in the Lego franchise seems to stay true to the reimaginations of films by providing humor while not veering off too far off of the true lore and story.

Hideo Kojima also made an appearance to announce and show a trailer for Death Standing.

A naked Norman Reeds was seen on a beach filled with dead whales and fish. What exactly goes on in this game however is yet to be revealed.

Last but not least, a seemingly cartoony gameplay trailer of a new Spiderman game was revealed. It will be worth looking forward to though.

Finally Playstation ended with a live demo of Days Gone and a montage of the upcoming games.

Looks like 2016 will be a very interesting year for Playstation and I, for one, cannot wait. If you want to watch the entire conference, you can find it here.

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