We’ve all heard about it and we’ve all probably done it now and then.

Piracy is considered to be one of the biggest issues in the software, movies, and gaming industry. For many, it is similar to a chronic disease that keeps coming back. No matter what these industries try to do, it (piracy) seems to never die.

In the gaming industry, developers claim that piracy results in millions of lost sales and revenue. The gaming industry has tried many things. DRM was first implemented but turned out to be a disaster.

Denuvo is now being used by many developers but has failed as many games like DOOM 2016 and INSIDE has been cracked.  Even though it is present on all devices, pc is generally the place piracy is considered most prevalent.

This has resulted in many asking whether piracy will ever die. Before we answer this question we need to know why people even pirate games.


One of the primary reasons people pirate games is because they simply can’t afford it. Quite a lot of people just don’t have $60 dollars they can give away for a game when they could use that money to purchase food, pay bills etc.

In third world countries where piracy is common to the point that when you say you are gonna buy a game, people automatically assume you mean the pirated version, games are even more expensive than $60 dollars. An original game in Pakistan can cost about $80 and even $90 dollars. Pakistanis don’t have $60 dollars let alone $80 or $90. As a result, people take the economical option. Piracy. Pirated games are ridiculously cheap and if you download via the internet then it is completely free of cost.


For a lot of people going to your local retail store and buying a pirated game is simply easier and less time-consuming than downloading a game from steam.

With downloading games on steam you will need to relay on local Pakistani internet which is so slow it has replaced the world slow in Pakistan. ” Hey Abbas hurry up, you are so Pakistani internet” or “you have 2 hours to complete this paper, the one who is most Pakistani internet will get 20 lashes and public shaming”.

No Implementation of Law

This is more of a third world issue. Piracy would have been less prevalent in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh if the government simply enforced the la-hahahahahahahahaha……………. A lot of retail stores openly sell pirated games without any fear of the law. We could see a massive reduction in piracy in govern- hahahahahahaha.

Games Are Not Available

I live in the town of Abbottabad. There are only a handful of stores who sell original games and those games will be months old as newer games arrive late. Pirated versions of the same games come almost immediately so if you are a console gamer who desperately want to play the new south park game or ww2 call of duty game. There is a high chance that you will pirate.

This is similar to magazines who complain about piracy yet don’t provide an avenue for buying their product.

Testing Purposes

If you ask your average pirater on why he does what he does. Chances are he will say to check if the game is worth buying. Yes, a lot of people pirate games simply to check if they should buy it or not. They are cautious buyers and simply don’t want to waste their money on a bad product. If they like the product they will go right ahead and get a legal version.

That still doesn’t mean they are right but given how some companies have developed and are downright addicted to the drug that is lying, manipulating and deceiving the customer to the point that the money transaction is made, after which they move on to the next project, I can understand why people might do this.

Bad People

Yeah, some people are just bad who don’t wanna pay the money even though they could. Instead, they play the game for free regardless of the consequences. These people know that what they do is wrong and is theft yet still do it just because they can. Either because they want to see a company lose money or simply because they don’t want to pay.

So Can Piracy Be Stopped?

These are the major reasons why people pirate games and after reading this you might ask “so will piracy end?”. The simple answer is no. As long is there are priced games there will be people trying to play them without paying for them. But with time as the world progresses and games advance, we will see a decrease in piracy.

You should remember that a lot of people pirate because they can’t afford the games or because pirating is more convenient. Well as time goes by countries like Pakistan will develop further and people will soon be able to buy original games that they once only bought in their wildest dreams. With time the internet will become faster making downloading games from steam easier.

Also, a weird thing I have noticed in Pakistan is that pirated games run on DVDs and because games are getting bigger and bigger more DVDs are required to store the game. At this point, your average AAA games need 6-7 DVDs. This is making pirating an annoyance and people are actually moving to steam to buy games cause it’s becoming more convenient.


Denuvo, even though it has been cracked is still an annoyance for many cracking sites and games that once would be instantly hacked in 1 or 2 days are now taking weeks and months to be cracked. This has resulted in some sites like 3dm to give up. As time goes by hopefully pirating games will become a bigger annoyance than buying games legally.


Again Pirating will never end but with time it will decrease to a point where it hopefully won’t affect companies at all. Obviously, this is just what I think will happen in the future. Maybe I will be completely wrong and piracy will be just as prevalent as it is today. Only time will tell whether piracy will truly die.


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