Persona 5

After a few delays here and there, Atlus’s Persona 5 (PS3/PS4 exclusive) is finally on the horizon, with a release date of September 15, 2016 in Japan. After Persona’s event at E3, we learned the Western release is February 14, 2017 (Edit: The Western release has since been postponed until April 4, 2017).

Since Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita was a smash hit, numerous hype trailers for the game have been released. And the hype is working. On July 18th Atlus released a new 15 minute Japanese gameplay trailer that shows off mini-games to boost stats and earn items, building social connections, and activities that increase social skills. It also shows off a movie date with one of your party members Futaba Sakura and every party member’s all-out attack. We’re also treated to portions of its OST which is nice and jazzy. (The trailer mentioned has been removed at the request of Atlus)

July 19th Atlus released even more footage with new announcements. The hype train apparently has no brakes. The opening cinematic fully released complete with music and English vocals:

They also went ahead and released the first 18 minutes of the Japanese version of the game. Feel free to watch, but it contains a few spoilers so watch at your own discretion. It displays many anime cutscenes, gameplay, and battles:

Atlus has also introduced Cooperation Characters. This is something is replacing social links to an extent. Spending time with these characters and deepening your bond with them will aid you in battles. Here is a trailer for one of them: Hifumi Togo, a master Shogi player:

And one final announcement they gave was the airing of the anime adaptation for Persona 5. I would post the trailer and when it is set to appear, but it is region locked for Japan only at the moment. So we will have to wait on that. You should always play the game before watching the anime, anyway.

That wraps up the important new reveals of Persona 5. Atlus pulled out all the stops to excite us. And it is very exciting. But hype can be just as hurtful as it is helpful. Still Persona news is always fun. The game is one to keep an eye on.

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