Why Are People Complaining About All The New Final Fantasy XV Stuff?


Okay, so I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this video, but fuck it. I loved Final Fantasy XV. Like I really loved that game. Say what you will – and I’m sure you’re going to say a lot – but regardless of its flaws; which admittedly I know many exist, Final Fantasy XV is one of my favourite Final Fantasy games. Now before you go throwing shit everywhere, just know that I’ve actually only played 4 Final Fantasy games. VI, X, XIII, and XV are the four I’ve played. And XV ranks second next to VI for me. Yes the second half of the game was completely botched. And I was so saddened to be in new areas that looked so interesting to explore, but couldn’t because the developers had blocked pathways to do so because these areas were unfinished. And even though I didn’t have as many issues as others did with the infamous chapter 13, I still felt that it was a chapter that was very poorly designed and one that dragged on for far too long. So all this alongside the tedious side quests, frequent glitches, and sometimes bland areas does result in a game that you’d think deserves no more than a 6/10. But there are two areas that this game absolutely does perfectly. Those two things are gameplay and characters. This game plays incredibly. The action is fast paced, frantic, and simply a joy to play. It’s addicting. From the ways the weapons feel, to the spells, to the different ways you can use your teammates. It’s a crap ton of fun.

Even though the story may be inconsistent and at times underwhelming, the way the four main characters are written and voice acted, is perfect. From the quick jabs they make at each other, the squabbles they have in the car, to the quips they make after battles. It all makes them come so alive. Fucking hell these four dudes made me cry during the end credit scene. Something that I was not expecting at all. Cause you know I’m…well…you know…macho.

But enough about the game already. You get it, I love the game. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because just today Square Enix has announced yet another way to milk this game. Putting Final Fantasy XV onto the mobile platform.

No, I’m not talking about Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which is basically what you’d expect from a mobile spin-off, because this is exactly what happens on mobile, and why gamers don’t take the platform seriously. No I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the newly announced game coming to mobile platforms in the coming months, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

Or Should I Say…”Chibi Edition”

Now when I first read about this, I instantly rolled my eyes and was like, “Goddammit Square, why are you milking this game out its ass? Seriously this is becoming worse than Final Fantasy XIII.” But then…I saw the trailer. And, Oh. My. God.

From the looks of it Square Enix are bringing Final Fantasy XV to iOS and Android. Yes, the whole mother plucking game. To mobile. The caveat? Well…it looks like that.

Now, you may not be a fan of this art style, but for me I don’t give a crap. It’s not like XV was a behemoth when it came to the visuals like Uncharted or Horizon Zero Dawn. The gameplay is what pulled this game. But even still, even though I like the Chibi art style, this does look questionable. Honestly though I still don’t really believe that this is going to happen. I mean reports are saying that this will be the case. That Square will be bringing the full Chibi Edition of Final Fantasy XV to mobile. But even looking like this, I still can’t imagine an open world game running on mobile. Like that’s crazy. Square Enix has proven that they are invested in mobile. Heck their “GO” series has done incredible well. And those games are all fantastic. But those are still what many would consider, “mobile games.” But regardless, they obviously see the potential of mobile, so much so that they are willing to invest the time and money to bring a game of this scale to the platform, even if it’s a “dumbed down” version.

From reading reports by Gematsu and Engadget, the game will retell the story through 10 Episodes. The first of which will be free, then the rest can be purchased at an unannounced price. From seeing the trailer it looks like the game will have a more casual approach when it comes to the controls, as it is adapting it to the mobile platform. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the open world and side quests were cut down. I just really, really hope that a lot of the “meat” of the game, especially the exploring and hunting aspect, isn’t cut down to where it simply becomes a linear, chapter-by-chapter, game. Matt Smith from Engagdget said the following when trying out the game:

I think what won me over was how faithful to the main game it seemed.

Now reading a lot of the comments and some forums, it seems that a lot of people are complaining about this. Saying that they shouldn’t be wasting their time and resources on this. And that they are milking the game too much. And all of this effort should be going into the multiplayer or Final Fantasy XVI. First off, Final Fantasy XVI? Are you kidding? That game isn’t going to release until 2025, people. And I’m not being hyperbolic. Square has wasted and messed up with this game for more than 10 years. God knows how much money they’ve lost. So if they’re trying to make their money back, I say let em. We already got our product, and it was good. Great for me. Yes that first mobile game is absolutely trash and doesn’t deserve your money. But this actually looks really interesting. If they retain what made the console version so great, but simplify and adapt it, without botching too much of it, I think it’ll be great. I understand the argument of, “They should be focusing on the Multiplayer” but Square is a huge company. I’m sure they’ve already allotted the people and resources for the multiplayer, and this is being done by a whole different department. Or maybe I’m just being naive and they really are trying to milk this game every which way and not focusing on the things people really want. Maybe. But I’d like to think otherwise.

But even so, I think this is a really cool idea. Sure I may be blinded by my love for the original, but I still don’t understand the uproar. You can have that uproar for the last mobile game. You can even have it for the bullshit VR fishing game that’s coming out. But this? A creative way to actually bring a possible console quality game to a platform where many people can play, I think is awesome.

But this is not the only Final Fantasy XV news announced. Shortly after Square Enix announced that there will be an upcoming DLC for XV that crosses over with the beloved Assassins Creed franchise that will be called Assassins Festival. Looking at the trailer it looks like the city of Altissia from XV will be transformed to resemble a modern version of Altair’s homeland. There seems to be some conflict with some prince, and so our protagonist Noctis Lucious Haylem will be garbed in the classic Assassins outfit, and many of the iconic mechanics will be implemented into the gameplay – that’s Ubisoft iconic, not real iconic – see that Jim Sterling? I stole your joke mate, watchu gonna do about it? I’m very sorry Jim I’m actually quite a fan and I hope you don’t mind me cheekily adding that in.

So okay, what the hell is going on here? I mean who asked for this? And who thought that this was going to be a good idea? But fine, let’s look at the trailer shall we?

Well…fuck. That…that actually looks…don’t kill me for saying it but…kinda cool? Like the two worlds mesh surprisingly well. I mean fuck I guess if Mario and the Rabbids can, then I guess anything is possible. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I’m actually kinda looking forward to this.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This has one word written all over it. Milk. Milk, milk, milk, milk. But here’s the thing though. A company can only milk something if they’re making money off of their milking. This is actually a free DLC. So, technically they aren’t milking anything. I mean sure this is unnecessary, nobody asked for this. But hey, it actually looks kinda cool, and looks like they’re just having fun. And giving it out for free, so screw it, I’m on board.

Call me whatever you want, but I need me some more Final Fantasy XV in my life.


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